From Barrels to Blockchain: Midleton’s Ruby Edition NFT

Midleton Very Rare, an iconic name in Irish whiskey, commemorates its 40th anniversary with the launch of the Ruby Edition, priced at €20,000 ($21,690). Alongside this luxurious whiskey, Midleton offers an exclusive NFT, crafted in partnership with Keanes Jewellers, featuring a bottle adorned with 18-carat gold and thirty-two rubies. The reserve price is $60,000, with a portion of the hefty price tag going to environmental conservation.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Ruby Edition results from a collaborative effort by Midleton’s master distillers: Brian Nation, Kevin O’Gorman, and Barry Crockett, the latter being the visionary who launched the brand in 1984. This blend, aged over four decades and finished in ruby port casks, embodies the distinct skills of each distiller, offering a complex flavour profile that pays homage to the distillery’s storied past.

The Irish whiskey, flavoured with berry fruits, vanilla, cinnamon, and honeycomb, is presented in a bespoke decanter handcrafted by the world-famous Waterford Crystal. This partnership not only celebrates the art of whiskey making but also elevates the Ruby Edition to a symbol of prestige within the spirits community.

Source Midleton Very Rare

Innovation through NFTs

In an ambitious move, Irish Distillers have also introduced an exclusive NFT for the Ruby Edition. In partnership with Keanes Jewellers of Cork, this digital token features a bottle adorned with hand-engraved 18-carat gold and thirty-two rubies, setting the reserve price at a staggering $60,000. Available on, a portion of the proceeds from this NFT will support The Forest Genetic Resources Trust.

This venture into NFTs by Midleton Very Rare indicates a broader trend within the wine and spirits industry. For example, Glenlivet’s recent foray into NFTs for their 50-year-old whisky and VIK winery’s tokenization of their produce shows a rapidly evolving landscape. 

Furthermore, NFTs offer a new way for producers to engage directly with consumers, bypassing traditional channels to enhance value and exclusivity. For collectors, these digital certificates aim to ensure authenticity and provenance and open a new marketplace for trading luxury spirits and wines.

Overall, as Midleton Very Rare moves forward, the Ruby Edition and its accompanying NFT symbolize a celebration of heritage and a forward-looking approach to engaging with consumers.


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