Inspiring NFT Innovation: Unique Network Launches $250k NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund  

Unique Network, an innovative blockchain platform focused on NFTs, has announced the launch of its NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund. The grant initiative hopes to inspire developers, designers, and NFT enthusiasts worldwide to push the boundaries of NFT innovation by creating customizable, utility-focused solutions. 

With a substantial prize pool of $250,000, the fund encourages participants to explore the full potential of NFT technology and develop new applications within Unique Network’s advanced economies. Alongside the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant, AWS Startups will contribute $100,000 worth of AWS Activate credits to support grant recipients.

Promoting NFT Innovation

The NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund allows participants to dive into various advanced NFT types Unique Network supports. These NFT types include customizable, composable, nested, dynamic, multi-asset, and multi-resource NFTs, integral to developing decentralized applications (dApps) and micro dApps.  

By providing a versatile toolkit for innovation in the NFT space, the platform aims to empower innovative founders and enhance NFT utility beyond the initial wave of speculative assets to real-world use cases, for example, in gaming, e-commerce, and real estate.

Highlighting their capabilities, Unique Network, which operates on Polkadot’s parachain, recently achieved a record-breaking minting speed of 4930 NFTs per minute

Alexander Mitrovich, the CEO of Unique Network, emphasizes the transformative potential of NFT utility tools: “NFTs have a long way to go. The first wave was driven by speculative jpegs, but it is the powerful NFT utility tools that will lead the Next in NFTs. At Unique Network we already delivered these capabilities in the last year, and now we are seeing deep interest by the most innovative founders.”

Source Unique Network

Transformative Potential of NFTs

As part of the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant launch, Unique Network has already awarded developer grants to two projects: DED GAMES and MusicMoon (formerly LoopNFT). DED GAMES plans to incorporate Unique Network’s customizable NFTs into its gaming projects to enhance player experiences. 

On the other hand, MusicMoon aims to leverage advanced NFTs to give artists more control over their work and earnings, bypassing traditional record labels. MusicMoon’s success at a Polkadot APAC Hackathon and its selection for the Polkadot Blockchain Academy catalyzed the collaboration between MusicMoon and Unique Network.

Josep Gracés, Founder of Music Moon, spoke of the developer grant, saying, “This grant from Unique Network is not just funding; it’s a catalyst propelling MusicMoon to revolutionize how artists create, share, and monetize their music, ensuring they retain rights and foster direct connections with their audience through blockchain technology.”

Unique Network plans to regularly announce new winners from the grant applicants, fostering ongoing innovation in using advanced NFTs. The grant program includes a range of challenges to advance NFT technology further. The announcement encourages interested participants to visit Unique’s website, submit their projects online, and join their Developer Telegram chat to qualify.


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