Startale Labs and Astar Network Partner for Kuma Shochu’s Digital Transformation

Startale Labs Japan has recently garnered attention for being selected by Kumamoto Prefecture for a Digital Transformation (DX) demonstration project. Kumamoto Prefecture, situated on the island of Kyushu in Japan, is a significant producer of Kuma Shochu. This traditional distilled spirit, although rich in history and quality, faces the challenge of limited brand recognition and needs to expand its consumer base.

The DX Demonstration Project

The project, spearheaded by Kumamoto Prefecture, aims to tackle the branding challenges faced by Kuma Shochu. The primary objectives include expanding the brand’s recognition and increasing its consumer base. To achieve these goals, the project is employing a two-pronged approach through the issuance of NFTs and the organization of Metaverse events.

In terms of NFTs, the collaboration will issue participants with a “Base NFT”. As these participants contribute to the brand’s promotion, they will receive a “Parts NFT” to document their activities. Furthermore, those who possess both the “Base NFT” and “Parts NFT” will qualify for a “True NFT.” This special token provides additional benefits, such as exchangeable tickets for Kuma Shochu and entry to exclusive tasting events.

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Complementing the NFT strategy, Kumamoto Prefecture will also host events in the Metaverse through COSMIZE, a metaverse project operating on Astar Network. These events are designed to attract a new and younger audience that currently shows limited interest in shochu. Through these virtual gatherings, the project aims to diversify the consumer base and broaden the appeal of Kuma Shochu.

The Role of Startale Labs and Astar Network

The DX demonstration project aims to enhance the brand recognition and consumer base of Kuma Shochu. One of the key objectives is to visualize and reward the contributions of participants through the issuance of NFTs, thereby bolstering the brand’s strength.

In this endeavor, Startale Labs and Astar Network serve as crucial partners. Their expertise in Web3 technologies, NFTs, and the Metaverse significantly contributes to the project’s innovative approach. By employing these digital tools and platforms, the project not only aims to expand the brand recognition of Kuma Shochu but also to diversify its consumer base. Thus, Startale Labs and Astar Network, along with COSMIZE, Mizuho Bank and Blue Lab, are instrumental in the potential success of this initiative, offering promising avenues for the growth and recognition of Kuma Shochu.


In summary, the Digital Transformation Demonstration Project led by Kumamoto Prefecture aims to bolster Kuma Shochu’s brand recognition and consumer base through a dual strategy involving NFTs and Metaverse events. The project employs a tiered NFT system to incentivize and document consumer engagement, while Metaverse events target a younger audience to diversify the brand’s traditional consumer base. Startale Labs Japan and Astar Network play a crucial role by providing expertise in Web3 technologies, thereby laying the technical groundwork for the project. This initiative serves as a compelling example of how traditional industries can adapt to the digital landscape to achieve growth and diversification.


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