DOSI: LINE NEXT’s Digital Commerce Platform Goes Live

LINE NEXT, a venture by LINE, has recently launched DOSI as a digital commerce (D-commerce) platform. This platform is accessible in 180 countries and aims to develop the Web3 ecosystem. Following the successful beta version, which garnered over 5.5 million users and 560,000 transactions, LINE NEXT is expanding DOSI beyond just NFTs to create a comprehensive platform for trading various digital products.

Mobile App and Extensive Product Offerings

DOSI now offers a mobile app for Android, with an iOS version coming soon, enhancing its usability. The platform provides over 20 million digital products, encompassing various services and brands. It includes memberships, content, and tickets to bridge digital and offline experiences. Users can purchase products from notable companies like Japan Airlines Co. and CryptoNinja Partners through integration with LINE NFT, an NFT marketplace in Japan.

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User-Friendly Mobile App and Gaming Platform

DOSI aims to make Web3 accessible to newcomers through its user-friendly mobile app. Users can log in using social media accounts and experience trading with mobile payments like Naver Pay, LINE Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and virtual assets. Existing users of the DOSI beta version can access the app with their current accounts. In addition, DOSI incorporates GAME DOSI, a Web3 gaming platform, into its app, offering a gaming category for trading items from Web2 and Web3 games. LINE NEXT plans to develop a comprehensive gaming ecosystem on DOSI.

DOSI Software Development Kit (SDK) and Investment

To facilitate the transition of Web2 brands to Web3, LINE NEXT offers a DOSI Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling easy ownership and trading of digital products. CEO Youngsu Ko emphasizes DOSI’s role in setting a standard for capturing ownership of valuable digital products, aiming to offer relatable services to general users. LINE NEXT received a USD 140 million investment led by Crescendo Equity Partners.

DOSI’s mobile application is specifically designed to be newcomer-friendly, facilitating easy login through social media accounts and offering a smooth trading experience with diverse mobile payment options like Naver Pay, LINE Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and virtual assets.

Yes, DOSI offers a user-friendly mobile app for Android, enhancing the platform’s accessibility and convenience. An iOS version of the app is also in the pipeline and is expected to be released soon.

GAME DOSI, integrated within the DOSI app, is a unique Web3 gaming platform that allows users to trade game items from both Web2 and Web3 games, contributing to a versatile gaming experience.

DOSI is a digital commerce (D-commerce) platform developed and launched by LINE NEXT, a venture of the well-known LINE corporation. It’s designed to contribute to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem and is accessible across 180 countries.

DOSI boasts an extensive collection of over 20 million digital products, ranging from memberships and content to tickets, bridging the gap between digital and real-world experiences.


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