Minting Music on BASE: Sound’s New Blockchain Frontier

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, artists constantly seek innovative ways to share and monetize their creations. A partnership between Sound and BASE, an Ethereum layer 2 platform developed by Coinbase, presents an opportunity for artists looking to create music with blockchain technology. 

Empowering Artists with Minting on BASE

Artists using Sound now have the option to mint their music on BASE, providing a gateway to the Coinbase blockchain ecosystem. With reduced gas fees and faster transactions, BASE’s goal is to onboard the next billion users into the world of blockchain. 

Helping with this lofty goal, BASE enables artists to upload and withdraw their music for free and without bridging processes or the need to purchase crypto. On Sound, artists will have the power to decide the deployment platform for their contracts, with BASE, Optimism, and mainnet Ethereum as available choices. Sound covers all associated gas fees for uploads, revenue splits, and post-sales withdrawals. 

A Bridge to the Future of Music

Integrating with BASE holds the potential to attract a big new audience in the coming years. With over 100 million users and $130 billion in capital on Coinbase, BASE eyes becoming a game-changer in the music industry. This user base is expected to drive increased attention to emerging music artists in Web3 on Sound. By offering a more user-friendly experience and reducing barriers to entry.

Source Sound

Transactions and Collectible Opportunities

For collectors, purchasing songs on BASE involves bridging ETH to the platform. Whether through the official BASE bridge or using a credit card or mainnet ETH, collectors can acquire songs delivered on the BASE chain.

Additionally, to mark the launch of this collaboration, BASE is releasing its first-ever song produced by Reo Cragun and Heno, titled “Based.” This track is available as a free open edition collectible on a special Base profile on Sound, offering a unique opportunity for collectors to engage with exclusive content.

The integration of Sound and BASE represents an exciting development in the music industry, bringing together the power of blockchain technology and the creative talents of artists. With a focus on user-friendly experiences, this collaboration hopes to open new doors for musicians and fans.


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