Disclosure Unveils 1,000 Unique AI-Generated NFTs with Beatport

With their latest venture, grammy-nominated electronic music duo Disclosure is breaking new ground in the music industry. They have announced the release of 1,000 unique NFTs, each featuring an AI-generated version of their track “Simply Won’t Do” from the “Alchemy” album, which debuted in July 2023. Termed the Disclosure Bronze Editions, this NFT collection is available on Beatport’s NFT marketplace.

In this innovative collaboration, AI serves as the guiding force in crafting multiple takes on the track. Furthermore, each version, true to Disclosure’s renowned sound, is marked by its own distinctive character and feel.

Exclusive Ownership and Artistic Collaboration

Priced at $20 each, these NFTs provide exclusive ownership of a unique track rendition and ensure that these versions will never be replicated or released elsewhere. Adding to their appeal, each NFT features exclusive artwork from collaboration with Studio Grotesk, a well-known German art collective.

The NFTs utilize the innovative Bronze AI technology, a generative music engine that reimagines existing music compositions using artificial intelligence. This isn’t Disclosure’s first foray with Bronze AI; their previous collaboration celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album “Settle” with an endless mix created by the same technology.

Exploring New Frontiers in Music

Rising stars in electronic music, Disclosure, featuring Guy and Howard Lawrence, have amassed a global audience with their unique fusion of soulful vocals, rhythmic beats, and engaging soundscapes. 

Blending garage, house, and funk, their sound stands out, earning widespread praise and a dedicated fan base. Their musical journey began in Reigate, Surrey, where they experimented with music production and DJing, inspired by the diverse sounds of soul, funk, and disco.

Having significantly influenced the electronic music scene since their emergence in the early 2010s and boasting three Grammy-nominated albums, Disclosure continues to push boundaries. Their latest initiative aims to redefine music production and distribution, blending AI technology with the evolving NFT market to offer their fans a unique and personalized music experience.

Music NFTs

NFTs in the music industry present advantages for both musicians and their followers. Artists can utilize NFTs for new revenue streams and deeper fan engagement, selling their music directly as NFTs and circumventing traditional music industry channels. On the other hand, fans gain a more personal connection with artists through owning a part of their work and enjoying exclusive perks like early music releases, private events, or special behind-the-scenes access.


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