Pixelcraft Studios’ Gotchi Guardians Public Playtest

The recent launch of Pixelcraft Studios’ first public playtest of Gotchi Guardians, the latest addition to the Aavegotchi gaming ecosystem. The game is a multiplayer tower defence survival game, merging strategic gameplay with survival elements via top game engine, Unity.

The highlight of Gotchi Guardians lies in its blend of tower defence concepts with free-to-play attributes. The game is available on both Windows and Mac, making it accessible to players from diverse demographics. Moreover, the game’s integration with the Gotchichain and Polygon PoS chains aims to create another rich Aavegotchi gaming adventure.

The Aavegotchi Gaming Universe

Aavegotchi, which started as a GameFi NFT endeavour, has blossomed into a full-fledged ecosystem encompassing DeFi, asset staking, land possession, and blockchain gaming.

Within this vibrant ecosystem, Aavegotchis are primary characters, acting as an entry portal for players into the game and the wider network. Even without an Aavegotchi, individuals can explore the Gotchiverse as visitors or via rented avatars. However, for partaking in certain events like rarity farming, an Aavegotchi becomes an absolute necessity. These NFTs double up as spectral creatures requiring consistent attention. They are available on the Aavegotchi marketplace, known as the Baazaar.

Interacting with an Aavegotchi enhances the player’s affinity towards it, thereby improving their Alchemical Channeling. This, in turn, rewards players with daily allotments of Gotchus Alchemica. Outfitting Aavegotchis with equipment amplifies their rarity, boosting the player’s competitive edge in rarity farming events.

Gotchi Guardians playtest Source Aavegotchi

Exploring the Gotchiverse Dynamics

The game dynamics curate various activities for players beyond the Gotchiverse‘s virtual boundaries. It branches into diverse games across multiple genres. Within the Gotchiverse, players can freely traverse to discover Alchemica rewards, participate in the Aarena, or embark on their farming journey by harvesting Alchemica tokens if they possess a land parcel.

As for the Gotchi Guardians playtest, although it opened from December 1 to December 4, it presented gamers with an early opportunity for gamers to explore the game. Its official launch is in 2023, according to their website. This playtest introduced players to the unique game mechanisms and allowed Pixelcraft Studios to garner player feedback, enabling them to enhance the overall user experience.


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