Louis Vuitton Gaming NFTs

Louis Vuitton introduces PFP-inspired NFT rewards in its Louis: The Game app, allowing players to win NFTs while learning about its history. 

Fashion goes digital

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton has introduced PFP-like NFTs into its mobile gaming app Louis: The Game. This is coming barely a year after launching the stand-alone mobile app game that allows players to learn about the 200 years of history of the brand. Introducing the PFP NFT rewards incentivizes the whole gaming process further and drives popularity. 

The latest move from LV signals a continued commitment by fashion brands to explore opportunities available in the Metaverse. Last month, several notable luxury fashion brands participated in the first-ever metaverse fashion week featuring more than 50 luxury brands selling digital and physical items via NFTs. 

Since Metaverse’s rise in popularity, luxury and fashion brands have increasingly experimented with NFTs and gaming to attract a new class of consumers. Gen Z consumers are the most active users of the Metaverse, and their estimated spending power of $143 billion is an opportunity fashion brands will explore. This is coupled with the $800 billion metaverse market opportunity, which explains the fast rate fashion brands are innovating around digital fashion. 

Louis: The Game

Louis: The Game was first introduced in August 2021 as a fashion gaming app that allows players to customize their avatar named Vivienne and collect postcards about Louis Vuitton’s 200-year history. According to Vogue Business, it was reported that the company had added new quests and NFT rewards to the app.

Players who successfully collect a certain number of free NFTs in the game stand a chance to qualify for an NFT raffle, which runs until August 4. One of the game’s postcards reveals the date as Louis Vuitton’s birthday. Players eligible for this raffle will have a chance to win one of the ten new NFTs that feature Vivienne, the game’s avatar, in a range of different looks. Eventual winners will be able to use these NFTs across multiple platforms like a PFP.  

The new NFTs introduced to the game were created in collaboration with events startup Wenew Labs, owned by Beeple artist Mike Winkelmann and minted from the Louis Vuitton Ethereum wallet. With the game’s first launch, the development of the smart contracts for the NFTs was done in collaboration with Possible, Wenew Lab’s sister company. 

Building for the future

Games are one of the ways through which engagement and affinity among young consumers can increase, and Louis: The Game has been developed to do just that. The game’s more than 2 million downloads show just how integral Louis: The Game is to Louis Vuitton’s participation in the Metaverse and growing a customer base. 

However, it is still unclear how fashion brands could take advantage of the space. This has fuelled skepticism about the place of fashion brands in the Metaverse, with Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH’s chief executive Bernard Arnault suggesting that the Metaverse might experience a bubble burst similar to that of the dot com bubble. 


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