Slay the Bear: New Trailer for Blocklords by MetaKing Studios

MetaKing Studios, a rapidly growing entity within the gaming industry, shows no signs of slowing down. The studio’s blockchain-based medieval MMO grand strategy game, Blocklords, is exciting fans with its latest trailer: “Slay the Bear.” This new release belongs to a series of cinematic trailers that herald the eagerly awaited Blocklords Season 1 real-time strategy gameplay.

Enter “Slay the Bear”

Directed by BAFTA laureate Jon Yeo, “Slay the Bear” sprang from a collaboration between MetaKing Studios and Axis Studios. Debuting on the official YouTube channel for Blocklords, the trailer’s narrative centers on a huntress chasing a rare albino moose – until a surprising bear attack turns the tables. This unexpected evolution mirrors Blocklord’s core theme: Mother Nature’s gifts can abruptly transition into daunting challenges in this Web3 game.

Following the initial success of “Protect Your House,” with more than a million views, “Slay the Bear” is the latest piece setting the pace for Blocklords’ upcoming Season 1 battle pass. This forthcoming season aims to improve game mechanics, offering exclusive rewards and amplifying the allure of the renowned free-to-play PC game. Currently in open beta on the Epic Games Store, Blocklords logs over a million gameplay hours each week, hinting at an anticipated influx of enthusiastic new players with the launch of Season 1.

Blocklords: A Flourishing Universe

Supported by renowned industry leaders like Square Enix, Krafton, and Fun Plus, Blocklords delivers an engaging gameplay experience. Using the Unity engine, the game aims to meld quality gameplay, player-driven prestige, and a great storyline. It invites players to participate in a player-powered kingdom, where strategic gameplay influences their rank and sway.

Furthermore, Blocklords urges players to actively shape their journey within its enormous universe. Whether players are farming, battling, or governing, Blocklords serves as a stage for players to weave their riveting tales within a vibrant, strategy-oriented community. Despite being in open beta and available through the Epic Games Store, Blocklords is on track for a full launch next year. 


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