Atabey Black Ritos: Selected Tobacco’s NFT Venture

Under Nelson Alfonso’s leadership, Selected Tobacco has kicked off the distribution of its sought-after Atabey Black Ritos. Released after half a decade of careful preparation and aging, the Atabey Black Ritos marks its venture into cigar NFTs—setting an entirely new precedent in the cigar market.

The New Offering: Atabey Black Ritos Cigar NFTs

Towards the end of 2021, Atabey Black Ritos presented their first NFT offerings in single or box options, carrying a price tag of $1,200. Rather than being auctioned, the NFTs were sold directly.

The launch enabled U.S. retailers, who had previously obtained one of the five exclusive NFT boxes, to purchase a specific amount of the exclusive cigar batch. Aged for five years in Selected Tobacco’s specialized storage rooms post-roll, these cigars will reach the shelves of only ten designated retailers nationwide.

Source Atabey Black Rhinos

Unveiling the Atabey Black Ritos: A Unique Blend

Atabey Black Ritos is a cigar that boasts exceptional craftsmanship and luxuriousness. It is currently available in one vitola, measuring 6 1/8 x 55 and features a dark Ecuadorian wrapper. The cigar underwent a unique ageing process, using five kinds of cedar and French Oak in rooms specifically designed for this purpose. A limited quantity of 5,000 cigars were produced, making it a rare and unique choice for cigar enthusiasts.

The Atabey Black Ritos cigars come packaged in black lacquered boxes, each containing 25 pieces for $50 per cigar. These cigars are exclusively available to a select group of individuals who share the vision of United Cigars and Selected Tobacco and have expressed interest in leading the way in the cigar industry’s first NFT venture.

An Exemplar of Luxury and Exclusivity

Reflecting on the creation of Atabey Black Ritos, Nelson Alfonso notes, “Atabey Black Ritos captures the essence of Atabey with an exotic twist.” His words highlight the commitment to crafting a cigar meant to exemplify luxury and exclusivity.

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