How is Amping up Fan Engagement with New Features, a fan engagement platform powered by the Chiliz blockchain, has expanded its functionality with new features, improving how sports fans interact with their favorite teams through Fan Tokens. These tokens offer genuine engagement opportunities for fans. Let’s explore and its latest features to understand how they changing the sports fan experience.

What is 

By leveraging blockchain technology, paves the way for sports teams to interact meaningfully with their fans. Its unique approach involves Fan Tokens, where a person’s passion for their team is rewarded. 

For example, by engaging in fan activities like score predictions, voting, and game check-ins, you earn XP and loyalty points, redeemable for extraordinary experiences. Imagine flying with your favorite team to an away game or playing in iconic stadiums – these are just some of the perks Fan Token holders have enjoyed since 2018.

The newly implemented ‘Fan Favourite’, ‘Locker Room’, and ‘Auction’ features enhance the utility of Fan Tokens and present a range of benefits to sports enthusiasts, including wider access to digital collectibles and a heightened matchday experience. Let’s find out how.


Fan Favourites: A New Take on Fan Engagement has expanded its fan interaction capabilities with the new ‘Fan Favourite’ feature, building upon its existing Check-in and Predictor functionalities. This feature allows fans to give feedback on player performances and vote on their top players from games. Available in the last 15 minutes of each match, fans can vote for a Fan Favourite from their team, and if both teams are partners, they can pick two. 

With participation from 57 football partners and over 260,000 votes cast already, ‘Fan Favourite’ also offers fans a platform to engage in community discussions, earning SSU points for rewards and exclusive experiences. Fan Favourites will also be available to Socios’ racing and rugby partners in 2024.

Unlocking Digital Collectibles in the Locker Room

Live matches bring excitement, but what happens after the game is just as important for fans. Thanks to Web3, digital collectibles add more depth to fan interactions after matches.’s ‘Locker Room’ feature lets fans acquire these collectibles by locking their Fan Tokens and then redeeming unique rewards. The tokens, once locked, are not for sale or withdrawal, yet they’re still active for other platform activities.

The ‘Locker Room’ has two variations: ‘Locked Locker’, where rewards are immediately available, but tokens stay locked till the campaign’s end, and ‘Flexible Locker’, allowing fans to unlock tokens after the campaign but without the rewards. 

Fans can choose from a variety of digital collectibles from their favourite teams (Classic, Bronze, Silver or Gold), depending on the number of tokens they lock. Rewards include signed merch, VIP tickets and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The opportunity to redeem digital collectibles for the next season is open until November 28, with over 25,000 digital collectibles already redeemed from thousands of fans.

Auction: Bid for Autographed Jerseys and More

Introducing the ‘Auction’ feature, fans can relive key moments from Serie A matches using’s native currency, CHZ, within the app to bid on and acquire balls from games. This is possible for any fan, regardless of the club Fan Tokens they hold or the number of SSU they have accumulated. The Italian Serie A, along with many other top football leagues, is an official partner of Socios.

Fans also have the opportunity to bid on game-worn and autographed jerseys through an association with leading sports memorabilia vendor MatchWornShirt. When a transaction is confirmed, the exchange rates will be fixed, and if a user wins an auction, their CHZ will transferred from their wallet. This feature will soon be available across’s 25 football partners.

The Rise of a Global Web3 Sports Community

Deeply passionate, sports fans pour hope and emotion into their favorite teams. Recognizing this, connects these enthusiastic fans with the teams they love. Utilizing Fan Tokens powered by the Chiliz blockchain, aims to create a vast global Web3 sports community. This community, now over 2 million strong and spread across 160 countries, highlights the platform’s focus on fan-centric engagement. 

Web3 is the critical factor here, allowing fans to actively engage with their favorite teams beyond the stadium. Hopefully, this marks a new era where fans are more than just spectators; they are participants. 


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