Nine Chronicles M Ushers in a New Era of Web3 Mobile Gaming 

Planetarium Labs has officially announced the launch of Nine Chronicles M, the mobile version of its popular game, Nine Chronicles. This move is set to transform the Web3 gaming space, as Nine Chronicles M stands as the world’s first completely on-chain and open-source Web3 MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

The launch followed a considerable show of interest from the gaming community, with over 200,000 enthusiastic users pre-registering for the game. This significant number was further boosted by a special pre-registration event named ‘Dvergr’s Gacha Workshop,’ offering a myriad of rewards to prospective players.

Nine Chronicles M Features

Planetarium has made Nine Chronicles M available for download on both Google Play and Apple App Stores, rendering it accessible to a wide spectrum of mobile users across different platforms.

One of the defining features of Nine Chronicles M is that it pushes the boundaries of conventional gaming by providing a decentralized gaming experience. This unique approach allows players to modify and customize the game’s intellectual property (IP), with a particular emphasis on encouraging user interaction with open-source games and applications.

The pioneering game has pulled out all stops in making the Player versus Player (PvP) mode known as “Nine Chronicles M Arena,” more enticing. It offers the largest ever reward pool for this mode, along with numerous other prizes and giveaways, aimed at encouraging highly competitive gameplay.

New Developments

As an extension to the Odin chain, Planetarium Labs has introduced Heimdall, an all-new chain. The Heimdall chain aims to substantially enhance transaction volumes and processing in addition to the overall gaming experience.

Designed with players’ convenience in mind, Nine Chronicles M allows for the seamless transfer of characters across PC and mobile platforms, provided the characters exist on the same chain. This remarkable cross-functionality enhances the gaming experience across different platforms.

The dual chain system of Odin and Heimdall offers both new and seasoned gamers unique opportunities. While Heimdall ensures a level playing field for new entrants, Odin enables established players to yield progress seamlessly, thereby catering to diverse gaming preferences and experiences.

Wrapping Up

The launch of Nine Chronicles M by Planetarium Labs marks a profound transformation in the Web3 gaming space, with a unique take on decentralized, open-source, and on-chain gaming. With the significant increase in accessibility, cross-platform compatibility, and an innovative dual-chain system, the game is set to offer a tailored experience to both new and seasoned players, further reinforcing its position in the MMORPG market. Only time will tell how this bold stride into uncharted territory shapes the future of gaming.


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