A Zombie Adventure for Undeads NFT Holders: Meet Undeads Rush

Undeads has unveiled Undeads Rush, a game created for Undeads Metaverse NFT holders. Set amidst a zombie-inspired universe, the game offers players chances to earn rewards in an engaging environment. This launch serves as a temporary entertainment option while the main AAA game for the Undeads Metaverse is being developed, which is anticipated to take 16-18 months.

Integrating NFTs and Rewards in Undeads Rush

In recognition of its NFT holders, Undeads Rush integrates NFTs into the gameplay, letting players utilize them to unlock game features and amass rewards. Players can monitor their accomplishments on the official Undeads website’s leaderboard.

Additionally, the team has restructured its tokenomics to address legal and regulatory concerns, abstaining from conventional token sale rounds. Replacing the usual token sales, the supply meant for private and public sales is being reassigned to the Airdrop Season 1 and Airdrop Season 2 quotas. With the launch of Undeads Rush, Airdrop Season 1 will start, introducing established rules for participants that cover game points and swap processes.

Their airdrop’s second phase enables players to earn Loyalty Points, separate from game points, by engaging in diverse social tasks. Undeads NFT holders get greater loyalty point rewards based on the rarity of their NFTs.

During the first Airdrop Season, 4% of the total supply is allocated, encompassing 1% for community drops to NFT holders, 1% for Loyalty Points Swap, and 2% for Game Points Swap. This distribution strategy involves and rewards the community while remaining within legal constraints.

As participants traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape in Undeads Rush, they use various vehicles and weapons to defeat zombie adversaries. The game features daily and monthly leaderboards, enabling players to exchange game points for UDS tokens in the first half of 2024, infusing real-world value into the gameplay.

Expanding Reach and Enhancing the Reward System

Undeads Rush also caters to owners of esteemed NFTs from collections like Yuga Labs, broadening the game’s appeal to a more diverse audience. Players receive additional motivation with a 50% return in Undead Tokens for every $1 of in-game currency they spend within Undeads Rush.

Undeads Metaverse is a survival MMORPG incorporating play-to-earn mechanics and a multitude of NFT assets. Its primary objective is establishing a Web3 gaming community, fostering an economy powered by player interaction. The ultimate goal is to exceed community expectations by providing an enthralling and rewarding gaming experience.


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