Undeads Metaverse: Crafting a New GameFi Future

In a world where zombies roam and humans fight for survival, a new era of play-to-earn gaming emerges. Welcome to the Undeads Metaverse. This multiplayer MMORPG game offers a rich array of income-generating mechanics, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency while indulging in an immersive gaming experience.

Undeads Metaverse is currently rewarding early adopters with bonus incentives. Players can mint now and gain extra features, such as an antidote NFT and access to a private discord server. Moreover, Undeads Zombie NFT holders can win up to 3 Blue Chip NFTs by Yuga Labs and an exclusive Undeads Merch Box.

Let’s take a closer look at what Undeads is about.

Meet the Undeads: The Heart of the Conflict

Set in a post-apocalyptic metaverse, Undeads offers a survival game with action-packed combat and a gripping conflict between two factions: Zombies and Humans.

Encompassing 6666 characters per faction, each with specific skills and appearances, the Undeads NFT collection is set to infuse vitality into the Undeads ecosystem once the game is fully operational.

The NFTs are playable characters, fully rendered in striking 3D graphics, and they are part and parcel of your gaming experience. Whether you’re crafting, grinding, or battling for the future of the world, your NFTs will be right there with you, enhancing the experience in their uniquely authentic fashion.

What sets these NFTs apart, however, is their dynamic nature. Player scores, the level and durability of in-game items, and other asset metadata can be updated thanks to Dynamic NFTs. This feature adds another layer of depth and dynamism to the gaming experience.

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How can Players Earn in Undeads Metaverse?

In the evolving ecosystem of Undeads, players will be presented with numerous avenues to earn rewards. For the patient, grinding resources is an option, although it will demand time and expertise. Crafting NFT items, another earning method, will not only provide a sense of accomplishment but also offer the potential for profit by selling these items on the marketplace.

For those invested in the marketplace, holding NFT equipment presents the opportunity to trade assets and gain returns. In the role of a landlord, owners can monetize their investment by charging fees for game interactions within their regions. Possessing a plot of land in the Undeads Metaverse equates to having a stake in the game’s universe, affording the owner the power to shape and actively participate in the dynamics of the in-game economy.

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The Undeads ecosystem also offers benefits for $UDS token holders, who can stake their tokens for a share of funds distributed regularly from the treasury. Additionally, in-game NFT staking is rewarded, providing yet another incentive for engagement.

Finally, for the thrill-seekers, battling in PVP mode can yield in-game items collected from defeated opponents, thus intertwining the excitement of battle with the potential for gain.

Tokenomics: Understanding $UDS Rewards

The Undeads Metaverse also introduces an intriguing token distribution scheme. Over 48 months, 50 million $UDS tokens will be disbursed as staking rewards. Once staking requirements are met, these rewards are transferred to the staker’s wallets via a smart contract automatically executing this process.

Moreover, the allocation of these rewards will be split into various staking incentives or campaigns, providing stakers with multiple opportunities to benefit. To gain voting rights or access key in-game features, users must stake $UDS tokens. As a bonus, they will earn additional rewards based on multiple parameters.

In essence, your rewards can be amplified by purchasing and holding an NFT of a particular rarity and/or by locking it in pair with your $UDS tokens for a certain duration.

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A Look into the Future: Undeads’ Long-Term Vision

But Undeads Metaverse isn’t just about short-term gains. The team is vocal about the pitfalls plaguing many NFT game projects. Leo Kahn, Undeads’ CEO, comments, “We’re very aware of the unsustainability of most Web3-enabled gaming products,” citing their focus on selling out NFT collections rather than ensuring long-term stability.

Taking lessons from past missteps, Undeads Metaverse prioritizes creating a genuinely entertaining and rewarding game. “Our paramount objective was to make a game that players will truly want to engage with first,” Leo adds, emphasizing the importance of providing players with legitimate earning potential. Leo Kahn

With a long-term story and game content roadmap, the team is committed to keeping players entertained for years. Undeads Metaverse is geared towards fostering a long-lasting community of enthusiastic players, making it one to watch in the GameFi landscape.

Final Thoughts

Undeads Metaverse is carving out a distinct path. By meshing the thrill of a post-apocalyptic MMORPG with the lucrative potential of crypto earnings, it’s offering gamers an experience that’s both financially rewarding and immersive. The dynamic nature of its NFTs and the generous staking rewards program are just the cherries on top.

The early incentives to jump in are enticing, no doubt. But the long-term vision, the commitment to creating an enduring and lively player community, truly stands out. If you’re a gamer looking for a rewarding experience or a crypto enthusiast keen on exploring the GameFi landscape, keep your eyes on Undeads Metaverse. It’s an exciting journey, and it’s just getting started.

Players can earn rewards through various methods such as crafting and selling NFT items on the marketplace, trading assets, charging fees for game interactions if they own a region, staking $UDS tokens, in-game NFT staking, and collecting in-game items from opponents in PVP mode.

Early adopters can mint now to gain extra features, including an antidote NFT and access to a private discord server. They also stand a chance to win Blue Chip NFTs by Yuga Labs and an Undeads Merch Box.

The team aims to create a genuinely entertaining and rewarding game, with a focus on long-term sustainability. They plan to provide players with legitimate earning potentials and keep them engaged for years.

Over 48 months, 50 million $UDS tokens will be disbursed as staking rewards. Rewards are transferred automatically to staker’s wallets once staking requirements are met.

The Undeads ecosystem is an immersive multiplayer gaming environment where players can engage in various income-generating activities. These include grinding resources, crafting NFT items, trading assets in the marketplace, and more.

Undeads Metaverse is a multiplayer MMORPG that allows players to earn cryptocurrency through various in-game mechanics.

The Undeads NFT collection features playable characters with distinctive skills and appearances. These NFTs are dynamic, meaning their player scores, item levels, and other metadata can be updated.


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