G2A Expands Into Web3 Gaming with a Dedicated NFT Marketplace

G2A, an established digital game vendor, has recently announced a new expansion – a NFT marketplace tied to Web3 games. This move to add gaming NFTs to its existing array of gaming software represents a major step for the company into the realm of blockchain gaming.

Launch of G2A Geekverse

G2A unveiled the new marketplace on November 15, aiming to enhance visibility for Web3 and NFT games chosen by the company. This expansion primarily aims to familiarize gamers with blockchain gaming and feature NFTs from selected games partnered with G2A.

Bartosz Skwarczek, the CEO of G2A Capital Group, has revealed their interest in blockchain gaming was sparked by the Cryptokitties project. Despite certain scepticism, G2A observes a significant number of gamers are already engaging in blockchain gaming and NFT trading.

In response to the soaring engagement, G2A rolled out G2A Geekverse. It is essentially an online platform targeting fans of Web3 games, and it provides information about top Web3 games and opportunities to acquire or dispose of digital assets associated with these games.

Rise of Web3 Games

Recognizing the increasing popularity of Web3 gaming, traditional gaming distributors have opened their platform to this new form of gaming. Google Play Store, for instance, started accepting NFT games – albeit with specific restrictions – in July, allowing games to offer NFTs for sale or as earnings but banning gambling with NFTs.

Prominent game developer and publisher, Epic Games, has also shown its inclination to engage with Web3 gaming. The store has another blockchain-based game, “Illuvium,” lined up for listing on November 28.


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