NFTs Arrive at Haneda Airport with Astar Network

New benefits for travellers and shoppers are on the horizon after Haneda Future Research Institute announced plans to launch the “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” on the Astar Network. Serving as a prelude to the upcoming technology festival, “HANEDA EXPO“, slated to begin on November 17th, the introduction of NFT stamps seeks to cultivate new streams of people and trade within Haneda Airport,  HANEDA INNOVATION CITY® and Ota Ward shopping district. The initiative aims to engage customers in an innovative and interactive shopping experience.

Utilizing SUSHI TOP MARKETING’s Token Graph Technology

SUSHI TOP MARKETING, experts in leveraging blockchain technology, have developed this NFT use case with their token graph technology. Using this technology, shoppers and passengers can enjoy the uniqueness of collecting digital stamps across 17 different stores just by using their smartphones. 

The charm doesn’t end here. Collecting and showing these digital stamps at the respective stores promises to offer various benefits. These perks include enjoying a free soft drink at the bar, munching on free popcorn, availing discounts, or even being gifted a mini craft beer. For those collectors intent on acquiring all four NFT stamps, they have a chance to secure HANEDA EXPO original goods on a first-come, first-served basis.

Innovation in the Aviation Industry

In an additional move, the Mirai Research Institute and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. are set to release an NFT stamp for customers new to Web3 technology and willing to learn. This initiative is aimed at creating an inclusive digital space for all. Earlier this year, the Mirai Research Institute also utilized this digital technology on the Astar Network to successfully collaborate with WebX, Asia’s largest Web3 conference. In doing so, they have made it clear that they want to make Web3 easy for anyone looking into this digital future.

The creation of the “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” and other Web3 initiatives on the Astar Network showcase the potential of NFTs as more than just digital assets. The launch offers a glimpse into how the integration of NFTs in commercial enterprises can enlarge customer engagement and streamline business processes. This initiative, nicely timed to align with the upcoming HANEDA EXPO, holds the promise of offering a new dimension to customer engagement and business flow with NFTs.


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