Shenglong Electric Unveils Metaverse-Based Smart Building System

Shenglong Electric, a Chinese electrical enterprise, showcased its metaverse-based intelligent building management system at an expo in Beijing. This system integrates subsystems into a unified IoT interface, automatically adjusting air conditioning temperatures based on visitor numbers. Developed by Shenglong Electric’s R&D team, this solution reduces energy consumption and operational costs while enhancing visitor experiences.

The Power of the Metaverse

Shenglong Electric’s metaverse-based intelligent building management system covers an expansive area of over 60,000 square meters. The system autonomously controls all building equipment, adapting to different weather conditions and visitor dynamics. The system optimizes event room temperatures by leveraging predictive capabilities, ensuring optimal comfort for visitors.

Shenglong Electric’s system reduces energy consumption and operational costs by dynamically adjusting air conditioning temperatures based on visitor numbers. This approach leads to a 15% reduction in energy consumption and a 70% decrease in operational costs.

While specific information on the project’s Metaverse integration is limited, the announcement mentions buildings with ‘Metaverse operation and maintenance’. One potential application could involve building managers using the Metaverse to simulate structural changes or upgrades. This approach would allow them to predict the effects of these changes, helping to fine-tune strategies for energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Another application might be the ability to navigate a virtual model of a building, engage with digital control panels, and address issues instantly.

Moreover, the expo showcasing Shenglong Electric’s metaverse-based intelligent building management system attracted the attention of international participants. Shaikh Muhammad Shariq, the chief representative of the National Bank of Pakistan in China, invited Shenglong Electric to contribute to the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor.

Looking Ahead

By integrating multiple subsystems, the company has unlocked new possibilities for energy efficiency and visitor experiences. This solution benefits the smart building industry and could represent a step towards international collaboration and recognition.

The metaverse’s increasing importance as an avenue for international business and industry innovation. As more enterprises explore the possibilities within the metaverse, it becomes clear that this digital frontier offers unique opportunities for reimagining traditional processes and setting new benchmarks in smart technology. This shift towards a more interconnected and technologically advanced industrial environment paves the way for further innovations, emphasizing the metaverse’s role in driving future advancements across various sectors.


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