Animoca Brands Acquires Azarus to Boost Web3 Gaming

To enhance Metaverse gaming, Animoca Brands has recently announced the acquisition of Azarus, a streaming platform based on blockchain technology. The move aims to integrate Azarus’ innovative technology into Animoca Brands’ portfolio, further enhancing the streaming capabilities within Web3 games. Although the specific financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, this move highlights Animoca Brands’ continuing commitment to solidify its position as a key player in the rapidly growing Web3 space.

Driving the Player-Owned Economy with Web3 Technology

Animoca Brands, known for investing in hundreds of Web3 game companies, has a broader goal of harnessing Web3 technology to create a player-owned economy. By combining Azarus’ expertise in blockchain-powered game streaming with Animoca Brands’ experience in developing and publishing games, the acquisition aligns perfectly with this objective. Through this integration, Animoca Brands aims to empower creators, gamers, and streamers to have more control over their digital property rights within the gaming ecosystem.

The Value and Features of Azarus

Azarus stands out with its decentralized streaming platform, which allows users to stream gameplay and interact with viewers while utilizing blockchain-based tokens to facilitate rewards and incentives. The platform first gained recognition in 2018 by pioneering the concept that game streams are interactive rather than passive television experiences. Azarus introduced Overlay Games, enabling streamers to overlay advertising and games on their streams.

Since then, Azarus has gained acclaim for its video stream wallet and games that layer over the video player, resulting in instant audience engagement. Working with leading brands and streamers, Azarus has already distributed over $2 million worth of rewards to more than 20 million unique players. The platform’s technology unlocks new sources of revenue for gamers, allows viewers to support their favorite creators, and provides an opportunity for sponsors to reach their target audience measurably.

With the integration of Azarus into their streams, creators will be incentivized to broadcast across the metaverse, taking their fans along as they explore digital realms. This move not only expands sponsorship opportunities for event hosts but also offers new avenues to reward fan engagement. Prominent investors in Azarus include Kleiner Perkins and Galaxy Digital, further highlighting the platform’s potential impact and value within the Web3 gaming industry.


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