mstylelab: Macy’s Newest Venture into Digital Fashion

Macy’s has recently unveiled mstylelab, a digital fashion platform accessible through any device and browser at This initiative is part of Macy’s web3 digital strategy aimed at intersecting fashion and technology.

Onboarding Users into a Virtual Fashion Realm

mstylelab’s first activation is a collaboration with Journee, a company specializing in immersive digital spaces like virtual stores. This first experience focuses on Macy’s newest brand, On 34th, with a virtual recreation of New York City. Users can log in, create a username, and explore this virtual world where they encounter digital versions of On 34th’s apparel.

Source Macy’s

Erika Lang, Head of Americas at Journee, emphasized the importance of immersive experiences in modern retail. She said, “This innovative technology will propel the fashion industry into its next phase. Reaching consumers where they are and providing new ways for them to shop and interact with one another is vital.”

A Glimpse into mstylelab’s Future

As time progresses, Macy’s plans to update mstylelab with new experiences and partnerships. In the near future, a digital version of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® will be integrated into the platform. This is in line with Macy’s long-term strategy to evolve mstylelab into a comprehensive community for digital fashion enthusiasts.

Dave Torres, vice president of Interactive Marketing at Macy’s, states, “We are excited to launch mstylelab, creating a hub for style inspiration and discovery at the intersection of fashion and technology.”

Macy’s and Web3

In September, Cool Cats secured a spot at the 97th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, marking the first time an NFT brand has participated in the iconic New York City event, scheduled for November 23. The Web3 project earned its place through an online competition organized by Macy’s, which allowed only one out of five NFT brands to be featured. The other finalists vying for mainstream exposure at the parade included Boss Beauties, VeeFriends, SupDucks, and gmoney.

mstylelab represents Macy’s foray into combining fashion with emerging technologies, specifically in web3 and metaverse technologies. With planned updates and future partnerships, the platform is set to evolve, offering users a continuously immersive experience in digital fashion.


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