J.R. Kyushu to Issue NFTs on Astar Network: A New Era of Customer Engagement

The endeavor will introduce practical applications for NFTs in Japan, allowing the railway company to enhance its connection with customers.

Kyushu Railway Company (J.R. Kyushu), an integral part of the Japan Railway Group – Japan’s largest rail network, declared its intent to launch NFTs on the Astar Network. This move comes in collaboration with P.R.O. Co., Ltd.

The primary aim behind J.R. Kyushu’s NFT initiative is to generate new engagement points with their users while simultaneously enhancing their existing customer relationships.

Setting the Stage for the J.R. Kyushu NFT Project

J.R. Kyushu‘s NFT project is set to kick off in July 2023, offering passengers innovative methods to appreciate Kyushu while preserving a comprehensive record of their travel experiences.

A proof-of-concept will be initiated with J.R. Kyushu and PRO distributing a free NFT at the Blockchain Expo in Tokyo from May 10th-12th, featuring the new Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen.

Providing intercity rail services on Kyushu, Japan’s third-largest island, J.R. Kyushu serves more than 330 million people annually. The company’s services extend beyond rail, encompassing freight services, bus transportation, hospitality, and other related sectors.

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A Novel Application for NFTs in Japan

This collaboration is set to bring a fresh, practical dimension to NFTs within Japan. While NFTs are predominantly known for trading and digital art, J.R. Kyushu aims to harness this technology to offer visitors tangible mementos and evidence of their travels on their network.

Astar Network’s Founder, Sota Watanabe, expressed his anticipation, saying, “At Astar Network, we’re excited to see more real-life use cases of enterprises exploring and leveraging NFTs to build closer relationships with their customers and provide new value. We look forward to supporting PRO Japan and J.R. Kyushu in their endeavor.”

Astar Network: The Preferred Blockchain for J.R. Kyushu

J.R. Kyushu opted for the Astar Network, the first-ever public blockchain in Japan, for their project, attributed to the platform’s competitive fees, impressive scalability, and the team’s comprehensive knowledge of the Japanese market.

Astar is currently leading the NFT wave that’s rapidly permeating Japan, with numerous top brands embracing the potential of Web3.

Previously, major Japanese corporations such as Toyota Motor Corporation and Sony Network Communications have partnered with Astar Network to explore Web3 opportunities.

Upon the project’s launch in July, passengers can acquire commemorative NFTs or earn them by using the railway system. Possessing certain NFTs might qualify riders for additional benefits and access to exclusive NFTs. NFT purchases will be facilitated using the Japanese yen.

Astar Network: Japan’s Leading Layer-1 Blockchain

The Astar Network, recognized as the most popular blockchain in Japan by the Japanese Blockchain Association, is the first public blockchain from the country to be listed, despite Japan’s strict listing regulations. The Japanese government classifies the Astar Network’s native token, ASTR, as a cryptocurrency, not a security.

Learn more about Astar on their website, Twitter, Discord, and Youtube channels.


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