ICC Announce Web3 App Launch for 2023 Cricket World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is stepping up its engagement with technology, aiming to foster enhanced fan interaction during the 2023 Cricket World Cup in India. The recent announcement confirms the partnership between ICC and the Near Foundation. The objective? To provide fans with an interactive Web3 platform built on Near’s Blockchain Operating System.

The ICC’s Web3 Evolution

Just a year ago, in 2022, ICC made its initial entry into the Web3 sphere by launching FanCraze, an NFT platform. This platform gave cricket enthusiasts the rare opportunity to secure and own exclusive digital memorabilia, highlighting significant moments from various ICC tournaments. According to Bradshaw, this endeavour acted as the foundation stone for the ICC’s continuing exploration into the expansive domain of Web3.

How Will the Web3 App Enhance Fan Experience?

The newly developed app is not just a passive interface for fans to observe; it is designed for active participation. By leveraging the app, fans can indulge in prediction games, where they can employ their cricketing strategy to guess the outcomes of the matches. These predictions, if accurate, will earn the participants points. However, the intrigue doesn’t stop at mere predictions. As the matches proceed and the results are declared, the points garnered by users will reflect the accuracy of their game strategy selections with real-world outcomes.

To intensify the engagement factor, the app will also feature leaderboards. As fans accumulate points, their standings on these leaderboards will rise. Not only does this add a competitive edge to the app’s experience, but it also translates into tangible rewards. Fans, based on their leaderboard standings and points, stand a chance to earn various rewards throughout the competition.


The ICC’s latest move to incorporate Web3 technology, in partnership with the Near Foundation, signifies a fresh chapter in how sports organizations can foster fan engagement. By seamlessly merging the realm of sports with cutting-edge blockchain technology, the 2023 Cricket World Cup promises an elevated and interactive experience for fans worldwide. As the competition unfolds over the next six weeks, hundreds of millions will have the opportunity to engage, predict, and potentially reap rewards through this innovative fan engagement platform.


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