LaLiga’s New Frontier: NFT-Powered Fantasy Soccer

In another move that aims to change how soccer enthusiasts engage with the game, GameOn has joined forces with LaLiga North America. This strategic partnership aims to craft NFT-based fantasy games specifically tailored for soccer lovers in the US and Canada.

Bridging Real and Virtual Soccer Worlds Through NFTs

Central to this collaboration is the creation of fantasy games fueled by NFTs. Fans can acquire LaLiga player packs as NFTs, which essentially serve as digital assets in the virtual realm. Following the acquisition, these NFTs can be utilized to construct fantasy lineups.

Furthermore, the performance of these lineups is directly influenced by real-world actions, as players accrue points based on their real-time performances on the pitch. This innovative approach is expected to deepen the connection between the digital and real domains of the soccer world, offering an immersive experience to fans.

Source LaLiga

LaLiga boasts a massive global presence, with an expansive community exceeding 200 million enthusiasts, spread across 17 platforms and communicating in 20 different languages. Its substantial footprint, characterized by a young and multicultural audience, can be gauged by its staggering global viewership of over 2 billion and collaboration with 90 media partners worldwide. In the United States, ESPN holds exclusive broadcasting rights for LaLiga, facilitating game broadcasts in English and Spanish for over 25 million ESPN+ subscribers.

Next-Gen Fantasy Sports Games

GameOn is on track to introduce next-generation fantasy games that mirror real-world LaLiga matches and players. This venture promises to plunge fans into a new soccer experience, where they can collect playable avatars, customize gear, and engage in various gaming modes, including Live Fantasy, PvP Battles, and Quests. This initiative will provide entertainment and chances to secure exclusive rewards such as cash prizes, VIP tickets, and meet-and-greet sessions with soccer stars.

LaLiga plans to promote these games through various mediums, including in-stadium events, watch parties, social media platforms, mobile apps, and emails. Prospective gamers in the United States and Canada can anticipate the launch of this product in the foreseeable future.

In a statement, GameOn CEO Matt Bailey expressed his excitement over bringing next-gen fantasy games to LaLiga’s vast fan base. Meanwhile, LaLiga North America CEO Boris Gartner highlighted the venture’s potential in offering unprecedented interaction opportunities with the world-favorite clubs and players.


Recently, we’ve seen the sports industry warm up to the idea of using NFTs, to bring fans closer to the action. This collaboration between LaLiga North America and GameOn is a bright example of this shift, blending live soccer with the world of virtual gaming.

This move mirrors the success seen with platforms like Sorare and NBA Top Shots, where fans have been enjoying a new, immersive way to play fantasy games and connect with their favorite sports and stars. As LaLiga and GameOn step into this space with their NFT-fueled fantasy soccer games, they’re not just offering fans a richer experience, they are setting a fresh, exciting trend in sports fan engagement.


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