Valentino Rossi Steps into The Sandbox with ValeVerse

VR46 Metaverse, a company associated with nine-time MotoGP™ world champion Valentino Rossi, has announced a collaboration with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs. This partnership aims to explore new gaming and Web3 possibilities across metaverse platforms. The first project under this initiative is a motorsport experience named “ValeVerse” on The Sandbox platform.

ValeVerse: A New Horizon for Motorsports Fans

Within ValeVerse, players can participate in quests, which could lead to various rewards. The ValeVerse Pass, an integral part of this project, provides owners with specific benefits. These include raffles for signed merchandise, race tickets, and an exclusive meeting with Valentino Rossi. The official collection of ValeVerse assets on The Sandbox will offer a variety of digital items, such as bikes and avatars.

Valentino Rossi, an Italian ex-professional motorcycle road racer, has won nine Grand Prix World Championships. Often referred to as “The Doctor,” he’s highly regarded as one of the most exceptional motorcycle racers in history, with some even calling him the greatest. Rossi has claimed seven championships in the top-tier 500cc/MotoGP class and holds the record for the most wins in this class, totalling 89 victories. He has secured World Championships riding for both Honda and Yamaha.

Future Plans and Remarks from the Executives

This partnership represents the beginning of a long-term vision for VR46 Metaverse, Animoca Brands, and Gravitaslabs. The focus extends beyond ValeVerse to include digital assets and metaverse games centred around automotive and motorsports. Future projects include an exclusive collection with artist Mad Dog Jones and a Roblox gaming experience called “Moto Island.” Jean Claude Ghinozzi, CEO of VR46 Metaverse, expressed his excitement about offering fans new levels of connection and engagement. Similarly, Valentino Rossi mentioned that this partnership aims to enhance the relationship with motorsport fans globally.

The entrance of Valentino Rossi and his VR46 Metaverse into The Sandbox indicates a significant milestone for both the motorsports community and the expanding metaverse. This collaboration with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs opens up new avenues for fan engagement and digital asset creation. The addition of such a prominent name to The Sandbox’s roster not only validates the platform but also signals the increasing allure of the metaverse for celebrities and brands. As The Sandbox continues to grow, it’s likely we’ll see even more big names following Rossi’s lead.


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