Mythical Games Brings Web3 Game Blankos Block Party to Mobile

Mythical Games has revealed plans to bring its Web3 PC game, Blankos Block Party, to mobile App stores. This strategic move comes on the heels of the success the company witnessed with their game NFL Rivals, which successfully drew a staggering 2.5 million downloads across iOS and Android platforms.

NFL Rivals, a unique blend of Web2 and Web3 features, allowed players to immerse themselves in a world where both conventional gaming and decentralized technology coexisted. The dual-feature approach provided valuable insights that Mythical Games aims to capitalize on as they adapt Blankos Block Party for mobile.

Smooth Web3 Integration

To ensure the mobile version of Blankos Block Party offers an unadulterated gaming experience without any hiccups, Mythical Games has been proactively engaging with major app stores. Their primary goal is to seamlessly integrate Web3 technology into the mobile environment. 

By establishing clear communication channels with app platforms, the company aims to sidestep potential integration challenges that might arise due to the novel nature of Web3 tech in the mobile gaming sphere.

Web3’s Role in Future Gaming:

The decision to transition Blankos Block Party to a mobile platform signifies the company’s trust in the promising potential of Web3 in the realm of gaming. With the successful performance of their previous Web3-centric games, Mythical Games remains enthusiastic about the expanding influence of decentralized technology within the gaming industry.

As the gaming sector undergoes continuous evolution, enterprises like Mythical Games are establishing new standards, demonstrating the effective fusion of Web3 with mainstream gaming experiences. The gaming community keenly awaits the mobile version of Blankos Block Part as its success could pave the way for further innovations in the integration of Web3 in game development.


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