Why MetaStones holders are hoping to get played… 

Unless you’ve been in a coma, or at Burning Man, you’ll likely have come across whispers of MetaStones, the new Daoist Dao. If you’ve missed the memos fret not. In a nutshell, it’s basically just that, a cool unique DAO and an NFT collection themed over the ancient eastern philosophy. One of the project’s stand-out features was its lack of boastful world-changing promises and claims its followers would TENX their cash. Instead, the developers offered only the chance to be part of something cool and unique… well, that and some rumours about a mysterious project X. (No, it’s not Twitter).

Today, we found out a little more about Project X and well, as secret plans go, it’s a belter. If you’ve trawled and stalked their website and road map like ours, you might have gleaned that Project X had something to do with eSports, AI, and Gamefi. At least that’s what we thought. Oh, how wrong we were. The truth is, that Project X is ALL about eSports, AI, and Gamefi. As we said, we can’t give the game away just yet, but we can let you in on a few secrets. Put it this way, if things go to plan MetaStones could well be hosting a virtual Pro eSports tournament sometime soon. Let’s call it the PG (AI) Pro Tour (no affiliation…yet). Without dropping too many spoilers, the developers behind MetaStones and its ambitious Project X have a lot of work to do.

What’s the idea then? 

Ok, you twisted our arm. So, you know how deep fake AI apps can already swap faces in live-action movie scenes on the fly? Well, it doesn’t take Steve Jobs to figure out where that’s going. Put it this way, you know those memes that ask you to name a film but swap out one character for a Muppet? 


“Hey computer, can you stream Bladerunner for me, but let’s have Kermit the Frog as Dekker.”

Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make it any less terrifying. Anyway, we’re digressing. So, by the time Project X is operational, the smart money says this technology will be old news. Instead, the developers are planning to put YOU in the game. Forget streaming, well, don’t forget it’s part of the plan, but set it aside for a second. Imagine a tournament where your photorealistic avatar, caricature, or your NFT anime princess is a serious contender. Imagine proper avatars with hidden AI-generated stats competing on a virtual, photorealistic, level playing field with real user input, genuine risk and rewards. Imagine kicking the crap out of Bruce Lee or going two under parr ahead of Tiger. Think prizes, endorsements, caps for your country, world records, transfers, fees, fans, and everything that real competitive sports has, but instead of wife-beating randos, you get to be the player… or the trainer… or the agent… 

We’ll admit it, we’ve said too much… but that’s because it is TOO MUCH. There we were, all the time praising MetaStones for their level-headed modest ambition without realising they not only had a secret plan for world domination, but it was also brilliant. 

You can follow the stampede to MetaStones and Project X here. I guess the cat’s out of the sports bag now. 


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