SAGE Labs: The Next Chapter in Web3 Gaming with Star Atlas

SAGE Labs has emerged as an extension of the Star Atlas universe, providing players with a browser-based open-world experience. Rooted in real-time gameplay, it promises a world of limitless action and a thriving economy. The release highlights the gaming ecosystem’s continued developments within the Web3 industry. It also widens the reach of the Star Atlas economy to enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the features of SAGE Labs is its economic loop tailored for play-to-earn (P2E) players. It serves as a gateway for Web3 gaming fans to engage in immersive gameplay experiences that transmute their in-game efforts into tangible value. This transformation is powered by utilising Star Atlas assets, which are player-owned and controlled, ensuring security and autonomy.

Technologically, SAGE Labs is at the forefront. The game is supported by an advanced technology stack in which the entire game logic and state are recorded on the blockchain. Such a configuration allows the game to seamlessly integrate with various Star Atlas features and the broader Solana ecosystem. A notable development in the pipeline is the game’s live release on Solana Mainnet, promising players complete on-chain gameplay.

The terminology “SAGE Labs” originates in Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE). The latter is a comprehensive Star Atlas browser game under development. SAGE started as an econometric game development tool and has evolved to simulate two-dimensional real-world economic gameplay. Through SAGE Labs, players can acquaint themselves with SAGE’s game mechanics and contribute feedback to refine future releases.

Features and Gameplay Mechanics 

An imminent release, titled SAGE: Starbased, is in the offing. However, the current SAGE Labs version has a restrained user interface and a condensed set of gameplay loops. But players won’t miss out on the excitement, thanks to the $1.5 million loot table featuring Golden Tickets. The immersive experience of starbase crafting, upgrading, and demolition will be reserved for SAGE: Starbased.

Source Star Atlas

A peek into the game’s features reveals a comprehensive system. There’s fleet management equipped with individual ship statistics, a mechanism for resource extraction, and numerous gameplay loops. All these game assets are on-chain, with many new additions poised to debut on the marketplace. The game’s operation on the Solana Mainnet means real-time utilization of spaceships and other in-game assets.

Michael Wagner, Co-founder of Star Atlas and CEO of ATMTA, Inc., encapsulated the game’s essence: “This is the dawn of a truly open economy. Players can trade any item — resources, components, items, and Golden Tickets with others and use their in-game currency in diverse ways… In Star Atlas, even rocks have tangible real-world value.”

Source Star Atlas

Star Atlas has been a name to reckon with in the Web3 gaming community for years. Despite facing challenges and undergoing downsizing, the game has displayed resilience. With the unveiling of SAGE Labs, there’s a palpable sense of revival. The gaming and Web3 community eagerly awaits what lies ahead, and this announcement has ignited their excitement.


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