Infernal Drainer Steals 13 NFTs from Blur Marketplace

In a relentless series of attacks targeting the NFT community, the crypto phishing service provider known as Infernal Drainer has once again made headlines. On August 17, 2023, the entity stole thirteen NFTs from the Blur NFT marketplace, marking yet another alarming incident in the crypto space.

The Attack

The theft was confirmed by PeckShield, a renowned blockchain security company that monitors the security, privacy, and usability of the blockchain ecosystem. The stolen NFT collections include notable digital assets such as Cool Cat #9951, Ordinal Kubz #1785, Cool Pets #9951, Beanz #18726, Kubz #2532, Kubz #7556, ProjectPXN #1020, and several Shadow Wolves NFT Collections.

This is not the first time Infernal Drainer has targeted crypto investors. Just two months ago, in June, the entity stole six non-fungible tokens from the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Who is Infernal Drainer?

Infernal Drainer is a new and malicious phishing scam service provider that specifically targets popular crypto projects across major blockchains. Linked to thousands of scams, the entity has been responsible for the theft of several million dollars.

The security firm Scam Sniffer has identified 4,888 victims who collectively lost over $5.9 million in crypto and NFTs. Infernal Drainer charges 20% to 30% of the stolen assets in exchange for their malicious software, which is then used to create fraudulent websites. Since March 27, more than 700 phishing websites have been created by Infernal Drainer.


The repeated attacks by Infernal Drainer underscore the growing concerns over security in the NFT and crypto space. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and robust security measures to protect digital assets.

As the popularity of NFTs and cryptocurrencies continues to rise, so does the risk of scams and thefts. The recent attack by Infernal Drainer is a clear indication that individuals and organizations must prioritize security and remain vigilant against potential threats.


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