OpenSea Addresses Rising NFT Scams with New Security Features to Protect Its Users

OpenSea has decided to roll out new and dedicated security features to curb the rise of NFT scams and safeguard the interests of its users on the platform. With the new security feature, users don’t have to worry about suspicious NFT transactions.

In fact, this feature will hide any type of suspicious NFT activity automatically from view in the OpenSea marketplace. In 2022, OpenSea has become one of the most famous crypto startups. Most recently, the marketplace faced a lot of criticism due to imitated and stolen NFTs. In recent months, there has been a significant rise in NFT scams.

New Security Feature, More Safety for Users

With this new initiative, it has become clear that OpenSea is aware of the security issue. The decision to launch a new security feature that ensures only legitimate transactions are visible is a step in the right direction for OpenSea. Mostly, this new security feature would help protect users from potential NFT fraud and scams.

Not to mention, it will also legitimize the NFT transfers across the marketplace. The official word from OpenSea is that the new feature is more than capable to conceal any suspicious NFT transfer. It is the best approach to address and resolve concerns around NFT security.

More Trust Among Users

OpenSea believes that this new security feature will reaffirm the safety and trust of the users in their marketplace. For the past few months, OpenSea has been trying to improve its safety and security protocols on the platform.

OpenSea understands that heightened security features will make it easier to build trust among its users. As the NFT space attracts more hefty investments and gets more layered – it is paramount to prioritize safety. It is the best way to avoid IP infringement, theft, and compromising radical response.

Moderation and Review

OpenSea has also set forth in motion a dedicated moderation team to deal with moderation and review. In light of the rising copyright issues and similar frauds, the marketplace plans to put in place tech innovations like critical auto-detection. This tech works like a self-sustaining correcting mechanism by cutting out extraneous items and improving the performance.

Critical auto-detection tech can also help the marketplace prevent unwarranted ads and other fraudulent items that are accessible on the blockchains and visible on the OpenSea. Just like receiving an unwanted email, it is entirely possible to get NFT-based transfers from unknown people. In fact, scammers now use NFT transfers to manipulate users and get a click on a malicious link that directs to a third-party site. OpenSea’s newest Trust and Safety feature will be able to prevent this scam.

Avoid Scams and Fraudulent NFT Activities

As the crypto market spirals out of control, an advanced security feature like this has become a need of the hour and would help users to prevent potential scams and fraudulent NFT activities on the marketplace. Back in 2021, the NFT boom helped OpenSea achieve dramatic and swift growth. But as the fraud and hacks are on the rise, OpenSea wants to make all the efforts to improve the experience of users on the platform, combat theft, and compensate victims


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