Mocaverse Evolution: Decentralized Social Layer with Animoca and CyberConnect

CyberConnect, recognized as one of Web3’s pioneering and largest social networks, and Animoca Brands, a front-runner in advancing digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This partnership aims to develop a decentralized social layer for Mocaverse, a vital component of the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

CyberConnect in the Web3 Ecosystem

Founded by a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in 2021, CyberConnect has emerged as a transformative force in the decentralized space. Its recent V3 upgrade introduced the market to CyberAccount, hailed as Web3’s inaugural scalable and robustly-tested ERC-4337-powered smart account. By 26 July 2023, this feature was behind 90% of all new smart contract wallets. Their impact? Huge! By August 2023, they had 1.2 million user profiles and saw over 16.3 million transactions from 400,000 monthly active wallets.

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Mocaverse: Animoca Brands’ Visionary Initiative

Animoca Brands has launched Mocaverse, a visionary project that serves as a central hub for the company’s various undertakings, such as portfolio projects, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and external partners. It ties together many of their ventures and features an NFT collection with 8,888 unique Mocas. These aren’t just digital art – they’re membership cards for the Animoca Brands community.

The collaboration between Animoca Brands and CyberConnect seeks to define an industry model for the emergent Web3 social network. Both parties are keen on establishing a foundational primitive, facilitating the construction of consumer-centric products and applications. These tools are designed to empower users, allowing them to traverse across their preferred applications without repeatedly building their networks.

Leveraging ERC-4337-Powered Smart Accounts

Adopting ERC-4337-powered smart accounts provides Web3 developers with a valuable tool, simplifying the complexities associated with crypto wallets. This ensures a user experience that parallels the intuitiveness of Web2. Applications integrated with CyberAccount will grant users access to games and services from Animoca Brands and its associate companies via a comprehensive smart account.

Existing solutions such as MetaMask, which permits developers to connect with a crypto-savvy user demographic, can fall short in facilitating developers to implement tailored user experiences. The alliance between the social graph and users’ CyberAccount accelerates development timelines, enables faster product launches, and taps into new user segments. Animoca Brands has articulated its aspiration to drive increased adoption via this innovative ‘super account’ strategy, aims to present developers with an effective user onboarding mechanism.

A Glimpse into the Future

The forthcoming months will witness Animoca Brands introducing support for CyberAccount across Mocaverse. This integration empowers users, allowing them to migrate their extensive social networks, encompassing friends, fans, followers, and associates, to their applications of choice. The collaboration between CyberConnect and Animoca Brands has the potential to reshape the decentralized application landscape and create better user experiences.


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