Animoca Brands Teams up with Rarible for the Mocaverse Marketplace

Animoca Brands, in collaboration with NFT platform Rarible, has launched a dedicated marketplace for its membership NFT collection – Mocaverse. The Mocaverse Marketplace operates on the decentralized infrastructure of Rarible Protocol, gaining authorization from RARI token holders via the RARI Foundation.

The primary goal of the Mocaverse Marketplace extends beyond offering a trading platform for Mocas. It aims to reinforce trading security, validate the authenticity of these assets, and reduce the risk of encountering malicious software.

For a limited time, Mocaverse will offer 0% platform fees on native listings of its collection. The marketplace is committed to respecting royalties on all transactions. It will also introduce exclusive features specifically for the Mocaverse collection, such as Moca XP points and support for five ERC-20 Animoca Brands tokens.

The Role of Moca XP Points

Moca XP points are assigned based on a user’s activity level. They are earned through actions such as staking, activating participation, and contribution to the Moca DAO. A user with more Moca XP points stands a better chance of receiving rewards.

Alan Lau, Animoca Brands’ chief business officer, explains, “With the integration of our Moca XP rewards system, the value of a Mocaverse NFT cannot be defined by traits or rarity alone, nor could that value be accurately reflected in generic marketplace settings. By offering Mocaverse holders various custom marketplace features developed in partnership with Rarible, we can effectively integrate trading activities into our broader ecosystem while facilitating a seamless Mocaverse experience.”

Source Mocaverse Marketplace

Echoing a similar sentiment, Alex Salnikov, Rarible’s chief strategy officer, adds, “The future of web3 is with innovative brands that create the next level of community engagement. We believe that in order to grow and thrive in the long term, every community needs its own home that is unique, safe, and not dependent on third party policies. And we’re excited to create one with and for Mocaverse.”

Games and Alliances of Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands is behind several prominent games, such as The Sandbox, a virtual reality where players can make, possess, and profit from their creations using blockchain technology and NFTs. Animoca Brands has also established strategic alliances with reputable brands such as Atari and Mattel.

These partnerships have led to the development of blockchain-based games that feature NFTs and other innovative attributes. These collaborative ventures have boosted the company’s revenue and growth and broadened the use of blockchain and NFT technologies in the entertainment sector.


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