Yuga Labs Acquires Roar Studios for Its Interoperable Metaverse

Yuga Labs, a leader in the web3 space and parent company of well-known entities such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), CryptoPunks, and Otherside, has announced its acquisition of Roar Studios. Roar Studios, renowned for its innovative approach at the intersection of gaming, social media, and the metaverse, brings its significant technological and AI prowess to Yuga Labs‘ roster.

A Synergistic Relationship

Roar Studios is recognized for creating ROAR, an immersive media experience designed to connect artists and fans. This platform allows for real-time collaboration and competition from any location.

Roar’s development team, composed of top audio, game, and AI engineers, has merged proprietary technology with established MMO game and platform systems. This blend has given birth to a new product category: a semi-autonomous, experiential music and entertainment world fueled by individual content creators and community consensus.

This unique technology and expertise will prove invaluable as Yuga Labs continues developing Otherside’s ambitious, interoperable metaverse project. Roar Studios’ team will provide their innovative technological contribution, specialized knowledge, and leadership.

Fusing Creativity and Web3 Strategy

Yuga’s efforts are focused on transforming the practical uses of NFTs and promoting progress in the industry. Since the launch of their trendsetting Bored Ape Yacht Club collection in April, they’ve made a significant impact, frequently featuring in Web3 news headlines.

Daniel Alegre, CEO of Yuga Labs, praised Roar Studios, stating, “Roar Studios has redefined what it means to experience media content in the metaverse. Yuga’s North Star is creating new ways for communities to connect and express themselves, and I am excited to welcome Roar’s talented team to our Yuga family. Roar’s dedication to creative content creation and social connections will accelerate our execution of our bold vision for Otherside and Yuga’s ecosystem more broadly.”

Roar’s mission is to make practising music an enjoyable experience while also making it easier to find and collaborate with fellow musicians. The platform also enables users to record, perform, and share their music. The platform merges music, gaming, and social media and is designed to help musicians of all backgrounds, genres, and abilities reach their collective goals.

A New General Manager at Otherside

Eric Reid, Founder and CEO of Roar Studios, will assume the General Manager of Otherside role at Yuga Labs. He will be responsible for refining the vision and leading the development and production of the platform alongside Yuga’s experienced executive team. Reid brings over two decades of experience building teams and creating and distributing film, television, and music content for global audiences. His impressive resume includes work on film franchises such as UNDERWORLD.

He shared his thoughts on the acquisition, expressing, “Our team’s mission is to empower players to create and be social in a community-driven, open media experience, so our work fundamentally aligns with Yuga’s larger web3 metaverse strategy. When Daniel and Mike Seavers opened the door for us to contribute to Yuga’s paradigm-shifting approach to content and immersive experiences, we jumped at the opportunity.”

With the addition of Roar Studios, Yuga Labs continues to reinforce its position at the forefront of the web3 and metaverse landscapes, promising an exciting future for all players involved.


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