Blending Digital and Physical: MNTGE’s New NFT Collection

The digital fashion brand MNTGE has unveiled its newest product today: Patchwork. This is a limited edition collection of 7,500 NFT patches on the Ethereum blockchain. The unique aspect of these patches is that they can be exchanged for physical versions embedded with NFC chips.

The Patchwork collection comprises 13 distinct digital patches conceived by one of 11 artists. Noteworthy contributors include Jen Stark, Seneca from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Christopher Torres, the creative mind behind the Nyan Cat meme. Each NFT has a price of 0.07 ETH, equivalent to $130. The artwork linked to the NFT will only be unveiled upon minting.

By embedding NFC chips into the patches, MNTGE blurs the digital and physical worlds. Users can tap their phones to confirm the patch’s authenticity and blockchain ownership. In a novel twist, artists can add personal autographs to patches, recorded digitally via a simple finger swipe.

Digital and Physical Fashion Intersection

All MNTGE apparel will feature ERC-6551 token-bound accounts starting with the Patchwork collection. This means that each NFT will have its own dedicated wallet. It will enable items like the MNTGE jean jacket to function as a wallet and hold the patch tokens embroidered on the garment itself. This unique feature allows the MNTGE community to build unique on-chain identities connected to individual physical items.

Phygital NFTs, an amalgamation of the terms ‘physical’ and ‘digital’, are unique blockchain-based tokens associated with real-world objects. They form a diverse group of NFTs that provide blockchain developers with innovative ways to merge our tangible and online environments. Consequently, they facilitate the connection between in-person experiences and a variety of digital equivalents.

Source MNTGE


The brand is the brainchild of Nick Adler, Sean Wotherspoon, and Brennan Russo. MNTGE offers an exceptional experience where vintage apparel’s rich heritage meets the authenticity of blockchain.

Through this innovative approach, MNTGE has created a collection of digital wearables and collectibles that are a must for fashion enthusiasts. The brand fosters a vibrant community of individuals who appreciate the preservation and display of vintage clothing in both physical and digital realms.

Since its inception in 2022, MNTGE has dedicated its efforts to bridging the gap between digital and physical fashion by connecting its garments to the blockchain. In December 2022, the brand launched the MNTGE Pass, an NFT that provides buyers first access to its drops. Following the quick sale of its passes, MNTGE released its first collection of digitally-linked garments in February. This collection was crafted by designer and MNTGE co-founder Sean Wotherspoon.

The digital fashion brand MNTGE continues to push boundaries and redefine the interaction between digital and physical worlds. Their latest Patchwork collection is an impressive example of how technology and creativity can come together to create unique wearable art pieces.


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