New Startup MNTGE Brings Vintage Fashion To The Metaverse

A new startup dubbed MNTGE is bringing authentic vintage fashion to the metaverse. The company aims to make digital copies of rare fashion pieces and prepare them for use in the metaverse.

MNTGE, pronounced “mintage,” is the brainchild of Nick Adler, an entrepreneur, and Snoop Dogg’s brand manager. He has teamed up with Sean Wotherspoon and Brennan Russo to bring the idea to life. Wotherspoon is a sneaker designer and streetwear store owner, while Russo is a former Adidas marketing manager.

Adler claims he and Russo were visiting Wotherspoon’s shop when the idea came to them. They began discussing the idea and saw an opportunity in the potential mashup of vintage fashion and NFTs. Even though they are different products, they possess unique traits that make them appealing to buyers.

This Wednesday marks the official launch of the digital fashion startup. And will feature an Ethereum NFT dubbed MNTGE Pass as the company seeks to bridge the gap between physical vintage fashion and NFTs. The end product will be digital wearables that can be used on different metaverse platforms.

Also, the company plans to build a community for fashion and streetwear lovers. These individuals will have priority access to real vintage finds.

MNTGE Plans To Release Digital Fashion Pieces By Q1 2023

Once the MNTGE Pass is launched, the company has varied plans. The first will be a drop of digital fashion curated by Wotherspoon by the first quarter of 2023. This will allow people to see the kind of technology the company is utilizing. Like the use of high-end capture systems, the kind used to create digital doubles of actors in movies. This technology will be used to recreate physical vintage apparel.

According to Wotherspoon, the startup aims to bring “a level of detail and imagination that you wouldn’t have expected in a Web3 garment before.”