Service with anonymous swaps without KYC in 2023. How Swapuz works

In 2023, crypto assets will be clear and widely used by many users around the world as if they were pocket money. Cryptocurrency is able to quickly make a payment for services and goods. Known ways and popular services for working with currency have already proven themselves, but progress gives people new opportunities all the time. It is worth taking a step forward and discovering new products that increase the level of comfort, make interaction with cryptocurrencies easier and safer. It is not only convenient and practical but also profitable.

Cryptocurrency exchanges based on a decentralized model are increasingly starting to appeal to owners of crypto assets. Based on blockchain principles, they provide an authoritarian ecosystem and make swaps at high speed. With the vastness of the global network among cryptocurrency exchanges, Swapuz is gaining high authority and demand.

Swapuz is a constantly developing exchange that began its activity in 2019. With the quality of the services provided and the level of security, the startup has gained a permanent base of active clients and relentlessly attracts new users. What is the reason for the interest and popularity of the company? There are several things that attract attention.

Toolkits to achieve the goals

The main objectives of the project are to create a convenient, functional, and safe environment for the easy execution of swaps without difficulties, restrictions, or unfavorable conditions. The main exchange rate is aimed at the most popular types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, XMR, and Ethereum, as well as other types that are just beginning to gain popularity and enter financial life. For the latest data, the number of available coins reaches 1500, which allows enthusiasts to make a good choice according to personal preferences.

The foundation of technology

The rapid development and abundance of cryptocurrencies confront various companies with new challenges and encourage projects to find great solutions. Swapuz successfully copes with all the difficulties, promptly implements fresh ideas, and meets the needs of customers. This approach allows us to steadily serve about 11,000 users on a regular basis and attract new ones.

At the moment, Swapuz has made a sharp leap forward by solving one of the important problems. Users who have experience with cryptocurrency know that both a centralized structure and a decentralized one require manual manipulation of tokens. Swapuz opens up opportunities based on switching from CEX to DEX and back in a simpler way. Users can swap through exchanges or directly between each other in one place. This creates a convenient environment for users with a high level of security and control over their personal funds.

One of the main factors in business development is automation. This aspect has not bypassed cryptocurrencies with their swaps in Swapuz. Users make fewer mistakes, and assigned tasks go faster with the automation features available now. No more manual routines.

The portfolio for investment diversification has become much broader. The increased number of available sources opens up better deals on a case-by-case basis.

Major security points

It’s not uncommon for newspaper headlines to mention the fragile security of cryptocurrencies through high-profile controversies and isolated but glaring cases in the past. It’s a useful experience that Swapuz has taken into consideration. The company did extensive analysis and the necessary work with a department of specialists and created a chain of reliable protection barriers. It is based on DeFi protection and has added several of its own developments and features to keep its users safe. How did they do it? The answer lies in a few tricks.

Swapuz does not want to jeopardize the personal data of its users. Therefore, the well-known Know Your Client rule is not mandatory. In this way, the exchange checks the data in order to make sure that the user is a real person and not a software bot. It seems that this step is for the sake of security. But it is this method that carries the main threat. If there is a basic failure and the security doors open for even a second, a huge flood of information will spill out. Swapuz doesn’t want to jeopardize customer data for the sake of a small check. All operations are anonymized, and there is no potential threat.

Swapuz’s second and very effective approach lies in the way they store information. It sounds strange, but they do not store it. How is this possible? Why create a repository of information when data can be transferred anonymously and securely between financial ecosystems? It’s like the money in the collection truck. Everyone knows the money is there. But throw a bag of currency into a pizza delivery van, and no one will have a clue which one it’s in.

These arguments clearly confirm the effectiveness of Swapuz. A large selection of cryptocurrencies, smooth transitions between exchanges, and a comfortable environment for work. Useful and automated swaps facilities, and simple but effective security, of course. Undoubtedly, Swapuz is a strong competitor. In the end, users decide for themselves which way to build an empire and which methods to use.


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