Etihad Airways Launches Mission Impossible Livery NFTs

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is set to make its foray into the world of NFTs with the launch of its Mission Impossible Livery tokens. This move represents the airline’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to enhance customer experiences and engagement.

Mission Impossible Livery Tokens

The airline, founded by UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is among the traditional organizations embracing Web3 tools to better serve their customers. The Mission Impossible Livery tokens, which are slated to be minted on August 1, 2023, will be created on the Polygon network.

There will be a total of 300 Mission Impossible Livery tokens available for purchase. Holders of these NFTs will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits and privileges.

For a price of 299 USDC (0.156 ETH), token holders will receive Etihad silver tier status for a duration of 12 months. This status provides access to special check-in services at airports, a 25% bonus on miles earned for all Etihad Airways flights, and more.

Unlocking Unique Experiences and Rewards

In addition to the silver tier status, NFT holders will gain access to the Etihad NFT Virtual Club, a digital community that offers unique experiences and rewards. Holders can also stake their NFTs to earn guest miles, enabling them to travel even further at no additional cost.

Furthermore, token holders will have the opportunity to purchase customized merchandise from Etihad Web3 partners, adding to their collection of digital assets.

As a token of appreciation, Etihad Airways is offering a range of rewards and collectibles to Mission Impossible Livery token holders. These include limited-edition Mission Impossible livery models, Manchester City jerseys, and aircraft models. These unique items provide a tangible connection to the airline’s brand and create a sense of exclusivity for NFT holders.

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Etihad Airways: Pioneering Web3 Adoption

This latest move by Etihad Airways is not its first venture into the realm of Web3 technology. The airline initially ventured into blockchain in 2019 through a partnership with Swiss startup Winding Tree to enhance its internal information systems.

Building on this foundation, Etihad Airways successfully launched its first NFT project, ‘EY-ZERO1,’ in 2022. This collection featured ten 3D aircraft models adorned with distinct Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner liveries.

As the airline industry continues to embrace the opportunities presented by blockchain and NFT technology, Etihad Airways is positioning itself as a leader in this evolving landscape. By leveraging the power of NFTs, the airline aims to create unique and immersive experiences for its customers while further solidifying its brand presence in the Web3 space.


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