Seven Bank Rewards Donors with Soulbound NFTs on Astar

In a new web3 initiative, Seven Bank has partnered with Sushi Top Marketing to issue Soulbound Tokens on Astar Network. The aim is to reward generous benefactors donating to its Memorial Foundation. The fundraising campaign spans from July 18th to October 16th, during which all donations contribute towards important environmental causes.

The Mechanics of Soulbound NFTs for Donors

As part of the partnership, every donor using one of the 26,000 ATMs of Seven Bank will receive an exclusive, free soulbound NFT as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the memorial foundation. It is crucial to note that these tokens are soulbound, meaning they can’t be transferred, serving as a tangible memento of the donor’s contribution. Soulbound Tokens, structured on blockchain technology, represent personal attributes and achievements unique to an individual.

The process to claim the NFT is simple. Once a donation has been made, the user receives a confirmation slip bearing a QR code. When scanned, this code prompts the donor to set up a browser wallet provided by Sushi Top Marketing, after which the NFT can be claimed.

The “Connecting the World” NFT Collection by Nozomu Kubota

The NFTs, collectively known as the “Connecting the World” collection, have been crafted by contemporary artist Nozomu Kubota. With a reputable history of exhibitions at notable places such as the NFT Naruto Art Museum and Haneda Innovation City, Kubota is also a proud recipient of an award from the Prime minister. He is highly respected in his field for his strong stance on environmentalism.

The inspiration behind the “Connecting the World” collection was borne out of Kubota’s participation in one of the Seven Memorial Foundation’s environmental activities, wherein he assisted in trash collection around Biwa Lake. The NFTs depict a stark theme: the dissonance between the use of packaged goods and the severe environmental impact these items inflict when disposed of carelessly. Through this initiative, Kubota’s art serves as a powerful commentary on the need for sustainable actions, reminding us of our role in protecting the environment.

Wrapping up, Seven Bank’s innovative initiative with Sushi Top Marketing showcases a blend of philanthropy and Web3 technology. The Soulbound Tokens offer a unique and rewarding approach to charitable giving. With Nozomu Kubota’s artwork echoing the critical need for sustainable actions, this project stands as a testament to the power of Web3 in fostering a deeper connection with environmental causes.


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