Spielworks and Mycelium Network Collaborate to Introduce Refundable NFTs

Blockchain gaming startup Spielworks has joined forces with Web3 platform Mycelium Network to launch an innovative program that allows full refunds for NFT purchases. This partnership aims to enhance user flexibility and provide a unique offering in the blockchain gaming space.

How the Refund Program Works

The program introduces “reverties,” a new series of NFTs that users can stake in Spielworks’ immersive game Dungeon Master. These NFTs can be purchased using USD Coin (USDC) through a separate minting mechanism, enabling a seamless transaction experience for players.

One of the key aspects of the refund program is the utilization of USDC. When users purchase “reverties” NFTs, the corresponding USDC is transferred to a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending pool at the Aave protocol. The interest earned in the lending pool will be utilized to buy back Spielworks’ native token and support the community. Additionally, a portion of the earnings will be allocated to the Wombat Protection Society of Australia, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility.

Benefits of “Reverties” NFTs

The “reverties” NFTs offer more than just refund capabilities. They also provide mining power and material drops, adding a valuable gameplay element to Spielworks’ Dungeon Worlds game. Players can enjoy the benefits of owning these NFTs while having the option to refund them if desired. This unique combination of features enhances user engagement and fosters a dynamic gaming experience.

Refunding NFTs is made simple and efficient through Spielworks’ intuitive interface. Users can initiate a refund by clicking on a designated button on the minting page. This action triggers a transaction signature that confirms the transfer of the NFT to the smart contract. Simultaneously, the refund amount is automatically deducted from the pool of funds, streamlining the refund process for players.

This collaboration between Spielworks and Mycelium Network represents an exciting development in the blockchain gaming industry. By introducing a program for refundable NFTs, users have the opportunity to explore the world of blockchain gaming with added flexibility and confidence. The integration of USDC and the involvement of DeFi lending pools demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to harnessing the benefits of decentralized finance.


As blockchain gaming continues to evolve, innovative initiatives like this pave the way for further advancements. The collaboration between Spielworks and Mycelium Network sets a precedent for other gaming platforms to explore refund options and leverage the potential of blockchain technology in enhancing user experiences.

With the launch of the refundable NFT program, Spielworks and Mycelium Network are poised to make a lasting impact in the blockchain gaming landscape. Players can look forward to a seamless and immersive gaming experience while having the flexibility to adapt their NFT ownership based on their preferences.

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to gain momentum, initiatives that prioritize user satisfaction and engagement will drive its growth. The partnership between Spielworks and Mycelium Network serves as a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in transforming the gaming landscape and creating new possibilities for players worldwide.


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