NFT Authentication in the Cannabis Industry

Santo Blockchain Labs, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company, has announced a new initiative. The plan? To create a cannabis Non-Fungible Token (NFT) clone authentication and traceability smart contract. The collaboration is with Planta Vida and will take place on the CHIMBA blockchain.

The intention is to incorporate NFT technology into cannabis seed traceability. This promises a range of features. Among them are NFT creation, seed certification, NFT ownership transfer, supply chain tracking, and more. Verification and authentication are also major components.

NFTs as a Use-case in Cannabis Industry

CEO of Santo Blockchain Labs, Frank Yglesias, explained the role of their DNATags QR software. This tool, Yglesias said, will be key in creating uniquely designed NFTs. Their purpose? To certify and authenticate clone cannabis seeds. The marketplace for these NFTs will be the CHIMBA NFT Mercado. It’s expected to launch in the third quarter of 2023.

Planta Vida has a significant role in the project as well. The organization holds a license for 116 hectares of land in Yacopi, Cundinamarca, Colombia. The land is designated for cultivating both psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis. Additionally, Planta Vida provide the growing cannabis market with safe, ecologically friendly wellness products. Plus, the company offers employment and social benefits to the community, like education, health, housing, and security.

The CHIMBA blockchain is central to this project. This technology, Colombia’s first layer-one blockchain, was developed on the COSMOS NETWORK. The aim of CHIMBA is to empower local developers. It provides a decentralized network that enables the creation of applications or independent blockchains in the CHIMBA ecosystem.

The initiative by Santo Blockchain Labs brings a another application of NFT technology to the forefront – the cannabis industry. By implementing NFTs for cannabis seed traceability, this project not only highlights the adaptability of blockchain technology but also points to the wide-ranging potential uses of NFTs beyond their common application in digital art and collectibles.

This development could impact various industries by providing authentication, certification, and supply chain tracking solutions. As more sectors discover the unique capabilities of NFTs, we’re sure to see even more applications in the future.


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