and Stainless Games Partner to Bring ‘Shock Rods’ to the Esports Platform esports platform has announced a partnership with game developer Stainless Games to release the popular 6v6 arena shooter game, “Shock Rods,” on the Moxy platform. This collaboration aims to provide players with an exciting and competitive gaming experience. and Shock Rods

Moxy aims to make esports accessible to everyone. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform eliminates barriers to entry and ensures that players from all backgrounds can participate in competitive gaming. The global gaming token, MOXY, serves as a universal currency within the platform, enabling gamers to engage in gameplay, unlock exclusive content, and compete for rewards.

Through Moxy’s esports-enabled platform, fans of “Shock Rods” can compete in high-intensity matches for real-world rewards.

Matt deFouw, CEO of, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Stainless Games to bring “Shock Rods” to their platform. He highlighted Moxy’s commitment to providing gamers with a world-class esports gaming experience, making “Shock Rods” a perfect addition to their growing list of games.

Stainless Games, the developers of “Shock Rods,” are equally excited about the collaboration with They see this partnership as an opportunity to take their game to the next level of esports competition. The team at Stainless Games highlighted Moxy’s dedication to creating an exceptional platform for gamers, which aligns perfectly with their own passion for developing exciting and competitive games.

Growth of

The addition of “Shock Rods” to’s esports lineup marks another milestone in the platform’s continuous development. As the esports industry expands rapidly, remains committed to providing players with the best possible gaming experience.

One of’s core principles is to provide a wide array of games that cater to the diverse interests and preferences of esports enthusiasts. They understand that each player has unique gaming preferences, and by expanding their esports lineup, they aim to accommodate a broad range of gaming tastes. Whether players are fans of intense first-person shooters, strategy games, or sports simulations, strives to offer something for everyone.


The collaboration between and Stainless Games to bring “Shock Rods” to the esports platform is a significant step in the evolution of both entities. With’s robust features and advanced technology, players can now enjoy the fast-paced action of “Shock Rods” while competing against fellow esports players.

The partnership reflects’s commitment to delivering a world-class gaming experience and Stainless Games’ dedication to creating exciting and competitive games. As the esports industry continues to grow, will remain at the forefront, providing players with exciting opportunities to showcase their skills and passion for gaming.


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