Manchester United’s Museum Exhibit: Web3 and Tezos in Action

An exhibit showcasing their digital collectibles has been open at the Manchester United Museum. Fans of Manchester United were brought to Manchester from locations around the world for a memorable weekend experience. The event was a first for the club and was made possible by the advent of NFTs.

Now, the digital collectibles exhibit is now accessible to the public. The display explains the concept of Web3 and showcases new club memorabilia. The collectibles were created with the help of the club’s official blockchain partner, Tezos, along with other Tezos ecosystem companies.

The Inaugural Digital Collectible at Manchester United

In December 2022, after much anticipation, Manchester United unveiled its first-ever NFT. This event provided fans around the globe a glimpse into the intersection of Web3 and NFTs. The first official NFT was a gift to fans and could be claimed without any cost.

Since its initiation on December 16, more than 750,000 NFTs have been acquired by fans of Manchester United. Furthermore, the high interest in these complimentary NFTs led to a six-fold increase in contract interactions on the Tezos blockchain compared to the period preceding the drop.

Although future items came at a price, this initial offer allowed thousands of fans to embark on this exciting new journey. In return, they received free surprises. These perks were powered by the club’s official blockchain, Tezos.

A Historic Moment for Fans

Fans were granted the opportunity to be part of history by owning the first-ever NFT, a significant piece of Manchester United memorabilia powered by Web3 technology. Each digital collectible served as authentic club memorabilia. This aims to enhance the fan experience.

Furthermore, ownership unlocked special channels in Manchester United’s official Discord community, which was the largest in the Premier League at the time. Within this space, fans could collaborate on the future direction of the community and vote on upcoming initiatives.

Discord was also the platform where holders could enrich their matchday experiences with behind-the-scenes footage unavailable elsewhere. These perks allowed holders to experience the atmosphere at Old Trafford from a unique vantage point, whether in the stadium itself or anywhere else in the world.


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