Candy Digital & Getty: Second Digital Photo Collection Unveiled

Candy Digital has shared news of its second collection launch, orchestrated in collaboration with Getty Images, an eminent creator and marketplace of visual content globally.

This partnership paves the way for collectors to own high-quality, limited-edition images from the past. In addition, Candy Digital offers photography enthusiasts the chance to mint a complimentary initial digital photo.

A Glimpse into the Collection: Iconic Cities in Focus

The collection comprises digital photos of seven prominent global cities: New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, Istanbul, and Mumbai. These vivid images, which serve as a visual tour through the annals of global history, are up for grabs until June 30th, 5pm EST.

There’s one picture, thought to be from the 1930s, portraying a boy climbing on another’s back to get a sneak peek of a baseball game. This photo is available for free minting throughout the drop.

Source Candy Digital and Getty

In this collection, you’ll find a selection of exclusive city snapshots available in limited-edition bundles. Each bundle brings two visuals from a ‘City Diaries’ location, allowing your tale to become a part of theirs. You won’t know which images you’ll get from your chosen city until you open the bundle. Those who manage to collect all four images from a single city, whether through primary or secondary markets, will receive a unique ‘Eiffel Tower’ bonus asset as a reward.

The drop further boasts high-quality, contemporary photos of the seven premier cities, sold in packs containing a random selection of three out of seven available images.

The collection went live on June 1st, 9 am ET and will run until June 30th, 5 pm ET, 2023.

Candy Digital
Source Candy Digital and Getty

Photographers Behind the Lens: An Array of Talent

This collection showcases works from various photographers, each bringing their unique style and flair. This roster includes Kurt Hutton, self-taught London-born Bert Hardy, who was among the first artists to favor the 35mm Leica over the conventional large-format press camera.

This collection marks the second installment in the continuing partnership between Candy Digital and Getty Images. Following the successful unveiling of the ’70s Music & Culture Collection, which exhibited rare snapshots of 1970s music legends, this new series shifts focus to seven spectacular cities, aiming to conserve art, culture, and history through blockchain technology.

Heralding a New Era: Photojournalism Meets NFTs

As Candy Digital and Getty Images unveil their latest collaboration, the spotlight shines brightly on a fascinating development in content creation for news media. With the growing prominence of NFTs, there’s a hint of a new dawn for content creators and potentially a shift in the traditional stock photo markets.


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