Candy Digital will offer the first NFTs from Getty Images for the Palm

A multi-year agreement has been reached between Getty Images, an American-based visual media company, and Candy Digital, a digital collectible platform. Candy is now Getty Images’ sole developer and market for the upcoming new products. As part of this new alliance, Getty Images and Candy Digital will create a unique NFT product collection that will showcase some of Getty Images’ most iconic moments stretching back 170 years.

The Candy Collab

Candy Digital and Getty Images will unveil previously unseen archival photos. People can view and collect contemporary images in many different digital formats. Over 465 million images, including over 135 million analog photos, from Getty Images, will be included in the photographic library covering art, culture, music, and world events. Getty Images analog archival photos contain some of the rarest and most beautiful images from iconic photographers; however, the general public has never seen those images before.

Getty Images marketplace on Candy allows for seamless buying, selling, and trading of official digital collectible products, which will support both primary and secondary market transactions and purchases made via credit card and cryptocurrency. In addition to the NFT, there are also NFT-compatible Ethereum sidechains on Palm, a scalable, eco-friendly platform.

“We at Getty Images are committed to improving the world’s aesthetics. This unique partnership speaks to our mission of connecting people with the highest quality, exclusively visual content,” said Craig Peters, CEO and Getty Images. The partnership with Candy Digital represents a significant step forward for the company and the global photographer community as it expands its offerings to the fast-growing global consumer market of NFT collectors.”

Collectors can rest easy knowing they can own their own Getty images. Buyers can seamlessly trade, buy, and sell official digital collectibles through Getty Images Marketplace on Candy. Additionally, the platform will support primary and secondary market transactions and credit card and crypto payment integration. Further, the NFTs will be minted on a sidechain of Ethereum that is environmentally friendly called Palm.

About Candy Digital

In addition to offering licensed, premium digital collectibles, Candy Digital designs and develops next-generation technology solutions that allow people to connect with their passions.

A Major League Baseball NFT partner, Candy Digital, is also attached to the Race Team Alliance and the WWE. It operates NFT ecosystems where fans, collectors, and media professionals can purchase, trade, and share authentic NFTs to deepen their passion for sports, media, and culture.

Mike Novogratz, founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, and Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur and investor, formed Candy Digital in partnership with Michael Rubin, CEO of Fanatics, and Mike Novogratz, founder and CEO of Fanatics. Together they developed a variety of digital collectibles across sports, art, entertainment, music, and more.

Getty’s Web3 Tomorrow

Getty collections can be expected shortly. Getty adds over 30 million digital works to its platform every year on top of its impressive digital library. The photography archive at Getty Images features more than 450,000 contributors, ranking among the best in the world. Candy digital’s team of developers and designers looks forward to forging a path in the blockchain with Getty Images.

By building NFT ecosystems, Candy Digital allows fans to deepen their love for the sport they enjoy. Candy Digital remains passionate about connecting people. Our history will be revealed in a new way through Candy’s partnership with Getty Images.


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