Upstream Launches ‘Learn and Earn’ DAO Course

Web3 infrastructure company, Upstream, is set to launch an online course called “My First DAO,” aiming to educate individuals interested in building decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The comprehensive 24-week program will cover topics such as tokenomics, governance structures, and compliance concepts, providing participants with the necessary tools for creating autonomous online communities. 

The “Learn and Earn” Model

What sets this course apart is its unique “learn and earn” model, which incentivizes participants to actively participate and contribute throughout the program. To enrol, individuals must acquire a dolphin-themed NFT named “DAOphin,” created by renowned artist Process Grey.

At the conclusion of the 24-week program, graduates can exchange their DAOphin NFT for a generative art equivalent that incorporates rarity traits. By actively engaging in the workshops and activities, participants increase their chances of receiving an NFT with rarer traits, adding an exciting element of discovery and collectibility to the learning experience.

The DAOphin NFT open-edition mint is currently underway and will remain available for purchase until May 29. Priced at 0.015 ETH, or approximately $30, the DAOphin NFT provides participants with access to the immersive educational journey that awaits them in the My First DAO course.

Practical Application

Upon completion of the program, participants will have the opportunity to take over the intellectual property (IP) of the NFT collection and the funded DAO treasury. 

This practical application of learned skills allows students to translate their newfound expertise into tangible real-world initiatives, cementing their position as active contributors within the Web3 community.

With the launch of the My First DAO course, Upstream continues to demonstrate its dedication to fostering innovation and education in the Web3 space. 

By equipping crypto enthusiasts with the necessary tools and knowledge, this initiative aims to empower individuals to become active participants in the decentralized movement. 

Rewarding Learning Experiences

Furthermore, Upstream’s “learn and earn” model and collaboration with Process Grey showcase the company’s commitment to providing a unique and rewarding learning experience.

As the Web3 landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like the My First DAO course play a crucial role in driving adoption and expanding the reach of decentralized autonomous organizations. 

Through education, hands-on experience, and practical application, Upstream aims to nurture the next generation of crypto leaders who will shape the future of the decentralized ecosystem.

Course Timeline

The My First DAO course is set to begin on June 1, with the final wrap party scheduled to coincide with Miami’s renowned Art Basel event in December. This aligns with Upstream’s mission to foster collaboration, creativity, and community-building within the Web3 space.


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