Blocklords: Free-to-Play Medieval Strategy Game

Prepare to immerse yourself in Blocklords, where the realm of medieval grand strategy gaming fuses with blockchain technology. This innovative gaming experience isn’t your average digital pastime. Instead, it’s a dynamic, engaging universe where your actions can translate into real monetary rewards. 

Will you be a humble farmer, a valiant knight, a stealthy raider, a wise lord, or even a powerful king? Each role you step into comes with its own unique narrative, distinct responsibilities, and the potential for bountiful rewards. 

And the best part? Blocklords is free-to-play, allowing you to venture into this medieval universe at no cost. However, if you’re looking for an extra edge, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be your powerful allies. So, are you ready to redefine your gaming experience? Blocklords awaits your grand entrance.

A Whole New Level of Gameplay and NFT Integration

Blocklords is a turn-based strategy game built on Polygon and Immutable blockchain. It takes you on a journey into a rich, detailed medieval world. Here, you can construct your own kingdom, raise formidable armies, and engage in strategic battles against other players, all in the pursuit of territorial control. The 3D graphics, intricate gameplay, and vast customization options make Blocklords an enjoyable gaming experience.

At the heart of this digital realm are NFTs, representing a broad range of in-game assets. These can range from land parcels and grand buildings to troops ready for battle and equipment to fortify your forces. 

As you march towards victory in battles, complete challenging quests, and participate in diverse events, you’ll earn valuable rewards. These rewards are not just virtual trophies; they’re keys to enhancing your gameplay. You can use them to purchase NFTs, strengthen your troops, and expand your kingdom’s boundaries.

Meet the Heroes

One of the most enticing aspects of Blocklords is the element of heroes. These aren’t your typical game characters. Heroes in Blocklords are unique digital assets representing you, the players, within the game. 

Each hero comes with its own set of stats, traits, and abilities, adding another layer of depth to the gameplay. As you collect, train, and engage in battles with your heroes, you’ll earn rewards that help you progress through the game and carve your own path to glory.

Roles within the Blocklords Kingdom

From the humblest farmer to the most powerful king, every role in Blocklords plays a crucial part in shaping the game’s economy and strategy.


Farmers, for instance, form the economic backbone of the kingdom. They are responsible for gathering resources, cultivating crops, and raising livestock. They can sell their produce to other players to earn profits or use them to fortify and beautify their own kingdoms.


Knights, on the other hand, serve as the kingdom’s protectors. Tasked with defending kingdoms from raiders and other threats, knights can also go on the offensive to attack other players and seize their lands.


Raiders represent the rebels of the Blocklords world. These outlaws are experts in stealing resources from other players and launching attacks on their kingdoms. Interestingly, other players can also hire raiders to carry out special missions, adding a twist to the gameplay.


Lords are the esteemed rulers of the Blocklords world. They carry the responsibility of managing their kingdoms, raising armies, and leading wars against other lords. Lords also have the power to levy taxes from their subjects, using the collected funds to improve their kingdoms further.


At the top of the hierarchy are the Kings, the most influential rulers in the lords world. Kings shoulder the responsibility of maintaining peace and order, resolving disputes among lords, and even declaring wars on other kingdoms. The power they wield also allows them to bestow titles and rewards upon their loyal subjects.

Turn Your Gameplay into Earnings

In Blocklords, your gaming expertise can become a source of income. Various tasks within the game, from winning battles to completing quests and trading your heroes, can help you earn rewards. 

Furthermore, by participating in the Blocklords economy, buying and selling goods, and offering services, you can accrue additional rewards. This unique feature of Blocklords brings an exciting twist to gaming, making it not just an entertaining pastime, but a potentially profitable venture.


Blocklords combines the thrill of medieval strategy gaming and NFTs. With its eye-catching visuals, captivating gameplay, and an energetic community of players, Blocklords truly stands out. As this innovative game continues to grow and evolve, one can’t help but anticipate the fascinating future that lies ahead for Blocklords and its fast growing community.

Yes, players can earn rewards in the form of in-game currency and other assets, which can potentially be converted into real-world money.

Players can earn rewards by winning battles, completing quests, participating in events, and engaging in the game’s economy by buying and selling goods and services.

NFTs in Blocklords represent a variety of in-game assets such as land, buildings, troops, and equipment. They can be bought, sold, and traded among players.

Players can build their own kingdoms, raise armies, and battle others for control of the land, with NFTs representing in-game assets such as land, buildings, and equipment.

Yes, Blocklords is free to play, but players can purchase NFTs to gain an edge in the game.

Blocklords has an active community of players who interact through forums, social media, and other platforms to discuss strategies, share experiences, and engage with one another.

Heroes are unique digital assets representing players in the game, with their own stats, traits, and abilities. Players can collect, train, and battle with heroes to earn rewards.

Blocklords is a medieval grand strategy game built on the blockchain, incorporating NFTs and allowing players to earn rewards through gameplay.

Players can choose to be farmers, knights, raiders, lords, or kings, each with their own unique set of responsibilities and rewards.

To learn more about Blocklords, visit the official website and follow the game’s social media channels for updates, news, and announcements.


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