EverdreamSoft Debuts ChainChronicles NFTs Celebrating Blockchain Milestones

Web3 games developer EverdreamSoft, widely recognized for creating the first tokenized card collection, has recently launched its one-of-a-kind ChainChronicles subscription series. This all-new edition of NFTs expands on EverdreamSoft’s original cards from Spells of Genesis, launched in 2015. ChainChronicles provides subscribers with a fresh and exclusive experience. Read on to find out how.

From Spells of Genesis to ChainChronicles

EverdreamSoft first created tokenized cards, now known as NFTs, for its mobile game Spells of Genesis (SoG) in 2015. These pioneering NFTs are now highly sought after due to their status as the first on-chain representations of their kind. Fast forward eight years, and the founder has decided to release ChainChronicles, a monthly offering of unique cards highlighting significant events in the blockchain universe.

Spells of Genesis melds the strategic elements of Trading Card Games with the engaging point-and-shoot dynamics of arcade-style gaming. The game intertwines strategic deck-building with accessible and intuitive gameplay. It is bolstered by a dedicated community of enthusiasts and collectors.

To triumph over enemies, players must amass and fuse cards to construct the most formidable deck possible. The game intertwines strategic deck-building with accessible and intuitive gameplay.

Last year, Spells of Genesis unveiled its innovative ‘Askian Door’ social hub within The Sandbox metaverse. Within this realm, iconic SoG characters came alive, allowing for interaction and highlighting the diverse potential of blockchain technology.


ChainChronicles Subscription Benefits

By subscribing to ChainChronicles, collectors will receive a new SoG card each month, representing a historic blockchain event. This exclusive subscription model will be the only way to collect the new cards and own the complete collection, adding to their scarcity. Additionally, ChainChronicles members will gain access to exclusive artwork, vintage NFTs from various collections, and SoG in-game perks.

ChainChronicles NFT Packs 

The ChainChronicles series commemorates historical events in blockchain history while honoring the first SoG collectibles. This subscription service allows collectors to enjoy a monthly delivery of digital art and vintage cards crafted by some of the most creative NFT artists in the space.

Subscription Packs

ChainChronicles offers three different subscription packs to suit individual preferences: the Essential Pack, Curator Pack, and OG Pack. 

The Essential Pack provides one monthly card, exclusive artwork, SoG in-game benefits, and a random SoG legendary card. 

The Curator Pack includes 3 cards from the Essential Pack each month, along with 1 SoG legendary card and a rare vintage NFT minted between 2015 and 2017.

Lastly, the OG Pack offers subscribers 10 exclusive units per month, featuring unique artwork, 1 SoG legendary card, 1 rare vintage NFT (2015-2017), and 1 vintage card from the Spells of Genesis collection.

EarlyBird Discount

EverdreamSoft offers a 20% EarlyBird Discount (code: EARLYCC) for those who subscribe to ChainChronicles in April. This provides the opportunity to pre-save the first monthly package, which will arrive in May.

Final Thoughts

EverdreamSoft has been a leader in the world of NFTs and gaming, bringing forth innovations that have since changed the landscape of digital asset ownership. With the launch of ChainChronicles, they continue to revolutionize the NFT space by offering subscribers an exclusive opportunity to own scarce collectibles that celebrate blockchain history.


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