Astar Network and Calbee Inc. Partner to Launch Innovative NFT Chips Campaign

Astar Network has partnered with Japan’s leading snack food maker, Calbee Inc., to launch a unique promotional campaign called “NFT Chips.” The campaign is set to feature evolving NFTs based on the popular Calbee potato chips and will be hosted on the Astar blockchain. 

Consumers who want to participate in Calbee’s NFT Chips Campaign must purchase one of three flavors of potato chips: Usu-Shio, Consomme-Punch, or the fan-favourite Nori-Shio. Each pack of chips comes with an opportunity to claim a free, evolving Potato NFT through an origami-like game called “Ori-pake.” 

The Role of DataGateway’s Wappa Wallet

To claim their free NFT, participants users must download the “wappa” wallet created by DataGateway. The wappa wallet is built on the principle that personal data belongs to the user and not the companies that want to use it. By enabling true data sovereignty, wappa allows users to provide their data to companies anonymously and only with their explicit permission. 

Each time users register a new Ori-pake, their NFT will evolve and grow. Upon registering five Ori-pakes, the evolving NFT will transform into one of the dozens of characters from the virtual world “Jagaverse.” 

A hundred lucky winners will receive a special “gold character” in their wappa wallet, entitling them to six free packets of potato chips. Additionally, all participants with fully evolved Potato NFTs will gain access to new digital experiences in the future. 

The Calbee NFT Chips Campaign on Astar Network

Astar Network is Japan’s leading smart contract platform, connecting layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum and Cosmos with the Polkadot ecosystem. In 2022, the Japanese Blockchain Association voted it the most popular blockchain in the country, and it recently topped CoinGecko’s list of Japan’s most popular coins. Astar Network has partnered with over 329 of Japan’s top brands to fuel the growth of the country’s web3 ecosystem. 

The Calbee NFT Chips campaign on Astar was made possible through Calbee’s partnership with DataGateway, which jointly developed the wappa data wallet with Hakhudo and CryptoGames. The campaign is expected to bring the world of NFTs to a wider audience, offering an engaging and interactive way for consumers to experience the technology. 

The collaboration between Calbee and Astar Network represents a significant milestone in Japan’s mainstream adoption of NFTs. As the country continues to embrace Web3, the possibilities for innovation and creative marketing campaigns are endless. 

As more and more brands join the NFT bandwagon, the Calbee NFT Chips campaign could serve as a model for future promotional campaigns that blend traditional consumer products with cutting-edge technology. This partnership also highlights the potential for NFTs to enhance customer loyalty, as collectors strive to acquire exclusive digital assets associated with their favourite products. 


In conclusion, the Calbee NFT Chips campaign is an exciting and innovative step towards the mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology in Japan. With the success of this initiative, it is anticipated that other companies will follow suit, embracing the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology to create engaging and interactive promotional campaigns.


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