Wildcard Announces Their Genesis Mint Happening April 20 on Magic Eden

Following their first public Exhibition Match, Melee on the Meteor, Wildcard has announced the launch of its first Web3 asset: the WildPass. The Genesis WildPass will be available on the Polygon blockchain network, and will provide exclusive opportunities and access to the Wildcard Universe.

The Genesis Mint, consisting of 4,444 WildPasses, will be available to mint on Magic Eden’s Launchpad platform starting on April 20. The pass grants holders access to the Wildcard Web3 ecosystem and exclusive offerings, including exclusive passholder-only events, access to content, and more.

WildPass Utilities will include:

  • Life-long WildList (Wildcard) access.
  • Holder-only airdrops.
  • Exclusive private developer access, such as holder-only roundtable discussions, roadmap sneak peeks, etc.
  • Priority access to playtesting, content creator, collab, and partnership programs.
  • Early access to ownership opportunities within the Wildcard Leagues Ecosystem.

Wildcard’s subsequent mint phases will proceed as previously announced. To recap, phase 1, Jot’s List WildList will provide first access to mint and a spot on the list guarantees the opportunity to mint at least one WildPass. For phase 2, the Collabs/Collectors List mint will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. And finally, phase 3, the public mint, will take place after that. For a chance to mint your own Wildpass, visit Premint to get on the WildList. 

Credit Wildcard

Paul Bettner, Wildcard’s CEO and visionary recently spoke with MagicEden’s Chief Gaming Officer Chris Akhavan about the new collaboration and its huge potential for the Wildcard community. During Wildcard’s recent Town Hall on March 28, Paul said “Magic Eden’s commitment and experience in Web3 gaming, along with their Polygon partnership, make them an ideal partner for Wildcard and the community.” 

During the Town Hall event, Chad Huggins, VP of EcoSystem Marketing at Polygon said their hope for this partnership is to continue to grow together. “At the protocol and company level, we are spiritually aligned with the Wildcard ethos. Onboarding Wildcard was a huge deal, and Wildcard continues to be one of the top projects we’re focused on,” Huggins said. 

Huggins predicts a bright future for Wildcard. “What’s cool about Wildcard, is that a lot of games start small by gaming industry standards…but based on what we’ve seen with Wildcard’s growth and community so far, the assumption is that it will blow up and have millions of MAUs [Monthly Active Users].”

Everyone who has had the good fortune to play test Wildcard and/or watch the game being played falls in love with it, and they cannot wait for Wildcard’s official launch with the Genesis WildPass dropping later this month. Spectators who tuned in to watch the Melee on the Meteor match on Youtube were treated to a thrilling gameplay display and they are ready for more Wildcard. 

Katy Bettner, Wildcard’s co-founder echoed the same sentiments about the partnership with Magic Eden and said the goal for Wildcard is to build an incredibly fun game and to leverage Web3 technology to create a living, breathing, competitive ecosystem that includes players, creators, owners, collectors, and fans. 

Since announcing their $46M funding round from Paradigm VC last June, the Wildcard community has grown into a highly-engaged universe, even though the game hasn’t been released to the public yet. 

With a growing Discord channel of more than 35,000 members, Wildcard is well on its way to ‘blowing up and attaining millions of MAUs.’ So get your WILD on with Wildcard. Don’t miss the Genesis mint and get your WildPass on April 20.

Opportunities for remaining WildList spots are limited, but they will be announced on Wildcard’s Discord and Twitter channels.

To learn more visit wildcardgame.com/wildpass.


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