FIFA Kick Off AI League with Altered State Machine and NFTs

Altered State Machine and FIFA have joined forces to launch the open beta of AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition. This exciting mobile game puts players in the driver’s seat as they strive to create the ultimate AI-powered football team. Aspiring managers will have the opportunity to customize their footballers’ AI skills, guiding their squad of four to the top of the leaderboards.

AI traits determine the strengths and weaknesses of each player on the team. By blending these AI skills, players can introduce an added layer of complexity and strategy to the game.

Shortly, players can also trade characters, further expanding the gameplay possibilities. This innovative collaboration between Altered State Machine and FIFA introduces a unique way for football fans worldwide to engage with their favourite sport.


From Prediction Game to AI-Powered Football Management

Altered State Machine’s decentralized system lets people own, teach, and trade one-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence through digital ASM Brains. With ‘Nonfungible Intelligence‘, ASM technology aims to change the game, bring life to your avatars, and make the Metaverse more exciting.

The partnership between Altered State Machine and FIFA began with a prediction game leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Players had the chance to win digital and physical prizes by accurately predicting the outcomes of real-world matches. As a reward, all participating fans received four characters for AI League.

Moreover, AI League’s characters exhibit a vivid appearance reminiscent of Pixar movies. In FIFA’s game, the movements of these characters are governed by AI, which also establishes their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Comparable to fantasy football or other sports management games, players assume the roles of both team coaches and owners. Presently, the game features maps inspired by the global destinations of Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Yaoundé, and Seoul.

Plans for NFTs

AI League is a free-to-play game, but an Altered State representative told Decrypt that they plan to introduce an NFT marketplace for the game soon. Once it’s launched, the game’s characters will be turned into NFTs, and all future characters will also be represented as NFTs.

Aaron McDonald, the co-founder of Altered State Machine and CEO of Futureverse, expressed his enthusiasm for the open beta launch of AI League. He shared the company’s mission to lead casual gamers into the world of AI gaming in the metaverse.

McDonald said, “Our teams have been working nonstop to get to the Open Beta launch of AI League. We couldn’t be more excited for the game to get into the hands of more players, and we hope they enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed building it.”

Web3 and Metaverse Technology Take the Field

Altered State Machine and its parent company, Futureverse, have their foundations in Web3 and metaverse technology. Once the in-game marketplace opens, it will leverage Web3 technology to enable trading between players, further enriching the gaming experience.

Android users can now join the open beta for AI League and embark on their journey as football managers in this AI-powered football universe.


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