ftNFT Opens Second Physical NFT Store 

Following the success of its first store at the Mall of the Emirates, ftNFT is opening another real-world NFT shopping experience at the Dubai mall. NFT enthusiasts can now walk in, purchase, and take home their own unique digital collectibles knowing they possess a piece of artwork like no other. 

Furthermore, artists can easily share their creations with an ever-growing audience. ftNFT, a premier RNG-regulated NFT marketplace, enables creators to present their collectibles for fans around the world to discover and appreciate.

ftNFT Stores Go Phygital

Phygital retail melds physical and digital components, creating an unparalleled shopping experience. As part of the Fastex ecosystem, the ftNFT shop is committed to bridging the digital and physical realms by providing an accessible experience for buying, selling, and trading non-fungible tokens.

Connecting an impressive network of over 7000 users and 500 partners, Fastex is determined to revolutionize Web 3.0 technologies while offering practical solutions tailored specifically for businesses and communities worldwide.

ftNFT Shop at the Mall of Emirates

The ftNFT shop is the pioneering physical store to join Fastex’s digital network, providing customers with an experience that seamlessly connects virtual and reality.

Moreover, ftNFT shops are designed to enlighten as well as sell. Products appear more like showpieces in a museum than goods in a department store, making them the focal point for NFT-related activities and fostering community involvement.

ftNFT’s Previous Success at the Mall of the Emirates

Since its grand opening, the ftNFT store at the Mall of Emirates has earned glowing reviews from shoppers. At the store’s grand opening, patrons could personally connect with NFT artists and exhibitors from the region and gain an understanding of their artistry.

Eager NFT shoppers have already celebrated the shop for its creative concept, and personable staff so it’s no surprise ftNFT is expanding its retail option at the Dubai mall. 

Why? Well, The Dubai Mall, situated next to the towering Burj Khalifa—the tallest skyscraper in the world—offers a unique shopping, dining and entertainment experience unlike any other. In fact, it is the largest destination for leisure activities on Earth!

The official opening ceremony will take place on March 17, 2023 when the world of NFTs will open its doors to the public with an official launch ceremony at Dubai Mall. All are invited to join and discover this captivating realm of digital art.


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