How to Play Outer Ring MMO? A Beginner’s Guide

Get ready to enter a new dimension of gaming with Outer Ring MMO – a free-to-play blockchain game that offers play-to-earn opportunities. It is being brought to life by the brilliant minds at Maniac Panda Games – the video game division of Windex Technologies OÜ, which invested $1.5 million in Outer Ring. 

team of experts, led by the CEO Daniel Valdés, combined their multidisciplinary expertise to develop the game. Frederic Fernandez, the founder of DEXTools, and Eneko Astorkiza, the IT manager of RETAbet, are among the advisors of the endeavor. 

What is Outer Ring MMO?

Outer Ring MMO is an MMORPG that combines science fiction and fantasy genres. The game deploys a persistent open world brimmed with extensive lore that allows the integration of different game modes and features, including massive battles, mini-games, interactive metaverse experiences, and esports tournaments. 

Interacting with the game’s tokenized economy is possible using a native decentralized app. You need MetaMask or WalletConnect to connect with the dapp so that you can purchase and store game assets. 

The Outer Ring has a player-driven economy fueled by the Outer Ring MMO (GQ) token.

What is the Outer Ring MMO (GQ) Token?

The primary token of the Outer Ring game project is Galactic Quadrants (GQ). It is the governance token. Players can earn GQ by completing quests, trading in-game assets, and competing with other players in different game modes. 

The owners of GQ can use their tokens inside the game to  

  • take part in the political game – a card game – where gamers must win a series of discussions to rule certain regions. Players can buy the games’ cards with GQ tokens,
  • buy premium cosmetic items and exclusive content from in-house shops,
  • bet on the outcomes of the combats,
  • participate in paid arcade games (although there’ll be free games daily, some arcade games will be extra), and 
  • upgrade in-game gear like vehicles and ships.

The total supply of GQ will be 10 billion. The team has recently completed the linear vesting of the IDO (4%), seed (10%), and private (20%) sales, so around 3.4 million tokens are now in circulation. The treasury holds 20% of the total tokens to be distributed over the next five years. 2% of the total supply allocated to the team will be locked for two more years and distributed in a 24-month linear vesting. 

The team allocated the rest of the total supply as follows: angel investors (3%), liquidity (10%), staking and play-to-earn rewards (26%), and advisors (5%). 

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GQ was designed to be deflationary. The upcoming land auctions mentioned below will include a burning mechanism. Furthermore, two new games developed by Maniac Panda Games will integrate GQ to increase the burning volume. 

In addition to GQ, there is also an in-game currency called Exocredit (EXO). Players can exchange EXO tokens for in-game assets like weapons, vehicles, and equipment that can be turned into NFTs. Eventually, EXO will be convertible to cryptocurrencies, as well. 

How to Play 

The early access pre-alpha will launch on the BNB-Chain in June of this year. Currently, it’s possible to play the tech demo that you can download here. You need the most recent update of Windows 10 to play the demo. The full release of Outer Ring will operate on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The demo takes place in the Great Silver City of the planet Fanet. Players can combat inside dungeons and complete missions using land vehicles and unique weapons and get a sense of the game’s economy. It’s possible to earn GQ tokens by completing quests. Users can spend their tokens building and customizing a house in the Great Silver City. 

Outer Ring MMO
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The full release will feature arcade machines, battle arenas, and the political card game mentioned above. The battle arenas will range from 200-player massive arenas to guild arenas. Players will gain play-to-earn incentives depending on their weekly leaderboards ranks. The battle arenas will host esports tournaments, as well. The mini-games will include single-player and multiplayer arcade machines, darts, billiards, and NFT-based games. 

Five species of the Outer Ring galaxy

The universe of Outer Ring MMO consists of three factions and five species. You must first choose one of the five species to start playing. 

Earthlings originally come from Earth. In the Outer Ring galaxy, they lead the Federation to bring stability to the universe and gain recognition as the best species. 

Backed by their impenetrable exoskeletons, Oracles have the ability to connect to any device. Consequently, they can calculate information as fast as a computer.

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Va’ans represent a wandering society with a violent and war-hungry background. They have devoted their existence to Vassal – a black hole that contains the remnants of their vanished homeland. 

Scavengons are the least advanced species of the Outer Ring. They aim to spread the virus they were infected with to control every living being in the universe. 

Mechs are artificial beings created by Oracles. Initially, they were designed to fight against the infected Scavengons and Va’ans. In time, they turned into an independent species. 

Skills and in-game assets

The game deploys skill-based character development. As such, players must gain experience in physical skills such as running, jumping, and climbing, as well as tasks like mining resources and crafting weapons. Players with greater skill levels are able to craft NFT assets of higher quality. 

Furthermore, every planet, asteroid, dungeon, and area of the Outer Ring is rich with different resources depending on the corresponding Tier. Players need to harvest different types of raw materials from these regions, for instance, iron, carbon, or nickel, to create in-game assets like vehicles, ships, etc. To extract materials, players need special equipment

Let’s see how different equipment and skills will affect the gameplay. Consider, for instance, the tailored armor parts that will be necessary to adapt the skills to different game environments and maximize the potential of a particular species. To that end, armors are classified as light, medium, and heavy. You can buy them on the marketplace of the Outer Ring, which can also be accessed via the dapp. All armor types have the same parts (helmets, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, gauntlets, chest, legs, kneepads, and boots). Yet, different combinations will result in different resistance percentages against attacks during gameplay.

The Outer Ring NFT marketplace also lists other in-game assets, including weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and clan badges.

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The Outer Ring MMO metaverse 

The first lands of the Outer Ring metaverse will be offered to the public on March 15 via auctions that will take place in four successive rounds. These land offerings are part of the Great Silver City map. The auctions will occur in the city’s four sectors. The very first round will offer the Alpha sector lands that account for 20% of the total land plots. The GQ will be accepted as the payment method. The auction will take place in five stages, each lasting 72 hours.  

Initially, lands will function as crafting stations to allow landowners to harvest materials using the Outer Ring dapp. They will be able to claim the materials later in the game.  

Lands are categorized into five sizes: Nano, Micro, Standard, Macro, and Mega. Landowners can craft different materials depending on the size. Nano and Micro lands enable owners to harvest Tier 1 materials, whereas bigger lands enable extracting Tier 2 and 3 materials. In addition, bigger land plots have utilities that bring advantages to the gameplay, like reducing crafting costs and speeding up the crafting. 

The auctions will occur inside the Outer Ring dapp, where users can interact with the Great Silver City Map. It’ll be necessary to head to the Alpha Sector to explore locations and discover open auctions.

Nano land auctions are open to the general public. However, to be eligible to partake in other land auctions, you must possess specific in-game items, which you can acquire by purchasing NFT lootboxes


The lootboxes include gear such as weapons, vehicles, armor parts, and materials. There are five types of lootboxes, each corresponding to a certain tier level. In addition, there’s a clan lootbox that allows players to build allies. 

To open the loot boxes, you can pay with BUSD or Space Corsair Key (SCK) tokens. It’s possible to earn SCK by staking GQ tokens on the project’s native DEX platform or creating a liquidity pool of BUSD/GQ on Pancake Swap.

Is Outer Ring a good investment?

The play-to-earn MMORPG provides multiple paths for monetization. Currently, there’s a chance to win a Tier 1 lootbox in exchange for giving feedback on the gameplay, features, and overall game experience. Even if you don’t win a lootbox, you’ll receive a 25% discount for the merchandise store

Another path is buying and trading NFT assets from the game’s native marketplace. When the game officially releases, there’ll be opportunities to build shops for in-game commerce. Play-to-earn reward mechanisms include crafting NFTs and completing quests to earn in-game tokens. 

Moreover, you can provide liquidity to DEX pools to earn interest. Galactic DEX allows users to swap in-game materials to earn farming rewards. You can gain GQ or SCK if you stake GQ on the staking platform. It’s also possible to swap GQ for BUSD on Pancake Swap.


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